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  1. Brian, thanks for sharing this. The braiders journals have really opened my eyes to what I've been missing. Thanks bud.
  2. jcm

    Georg Schaake

    Brian , Thank you so much for the files.Man what a wealth of knowledge. This is what carrying on a tradition is all about. If you are ever down this way give me a shout. Adiós Amigo.
  3. jcm

    Georg Schaake

    Brian, would you please send me a link in google drive..johncmarshall8@gmail.com. Thanks from Texas.
  4. jcm

    The Gathering

    Whose going to the gathering in Decatur Texas on Nov.21-24 at NRS ?
  5. jcm

    Pics Of Heel Knot

    Brock,Just my 2 cents worth ...what I see is the fact that you are using these bosals as can be seen by the good old sweat and wear colors on the inside...What's most important is not how fancy it looks but how good it works for you and most importantly your horse...I think that the one with the ring knots,if they give you a quicker release then your on the right track...Fit the bosal to the horse not the horse to the bosal...That's when you get results....Great job and keep searching for the things that are best suited for you and your horse no one knows that better than you the rider...Have a great Holiday and chheers from Texas...John
  6. You are absolutely right about the utility blades moving,played with it quite a bit this afternoon,it's the blade...but like you,I couldn't ask for a better cutter or beveler...3"+ of rain here S.E. of Dallas
  7. Thanks Curlyjo and leatherpounder that's what I needed to know...Still raining here!! Thanks to the man upstairs..
  8. Thanks for the reply Brad...yes I have done multiple passes...its when I get down to 1/16" it grabs to much and cuts thru.trying to get down to strings 3/16"wide x 1/32" thick or smaller seems to be tougher than i thuoght..anyway I will keep trying....Boy the sound of this rain on my metal roof sure is pleasing to my ears here in drought plagued Texas.
  9. I am really having trouble with my splitter on Rawhide strings...It splits great then all of the sudden digs in and cuts thru the string...very fustrating...my question is what splitter do yall use? By the way mine is the one from Whitebuff...I keep a sharp blade on it too...No difference if strings are wet or dry still does it...Help Please...
  10. Sadly I will be in Greenville on Friday laying to rest one of our own..Lt. Todd Krodle...Please encourage your friends in the area to remember Todd's family in their prayers...Yes I was at the fire when this tragedy occurred...lot of devastated firemen...Todd was a great guy and will deeply be missed...Heavy hearts..JCM

  11. jcm

    How To

    does anyone know where to find instructions for a pasador knot...a type of sliding knot... Thanks JCM
  12. jcm

    Scarf Slide Knots

    what's your favorite scarf slide knot?what do you use under the knot for the body of the slide? Thanks from a warm Texas ....JCM
  13. To braid or not to braid???This is not the Question...It's when to stop? answer,"NEVER"

    career fireman in Dallas,Tx 25+ years..started braiding a few years ago learning only by book..until now,Thanks for all of the braiding tuts on here and KHWW.net my braiding is taking off and greatly improving...Thanks to all and be safe JCM

  14. Alan, Please put me down on your list...I hope it ain't July 23rd weekend...daughter getting married....Thanks from Mabank...JCM
  15. Alan, please put me down on your list...unless it it July 23rd weekend..daughter getting married...Thanks from Mabank...JCM

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