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  1. Wraith

    search term?

    Try “tack triangle and ring”
  2. After seeing your post I ordered some from Amazon. I have been looking for them as well. I grabbed the Wearlizer brand. They look good. I have to wait for my son to come over to try the fit. I will let you know how they fit. Brian
  3. I believe GIMP has a plugin BIMP that is a graphical batching script. I have not used it myself. Never had the need to batch anything. Brian
  4. Thank you Ole South. I will definitely look in to using the jerk awl. Brian
  5. Troy, Thank you. Monica, Thank you, the small pieces weren't too bad. Stitching the back on was a pain. I think next time I will try to stitch it inside out. Not sure how successful I will be in turning it back right side out. Brian
  6. So, my wife drops a change purse she found at the store in front of me and asks, "Could you make one of these?" Challenge accepted. Thank you for looking. Brian
  7. I recent grabbed Inkscape. Haven't had time to really play with it to do much more than a couple basic shapes I needed. I use Gimp for most of my stuff. Brian
  8. Which of their lines did you try. I see they have three different lines and wondered if maybe there was a difference in thickness between them. Brian
  9. Needed to make a change purse for someone and could not find a pattern anywhere I liked. So I just cut out a front. Then cut a back to match. For the sides I just measured the perimeter of the front and cut to that length.
  10. Thanks for the advice on the modeling spoon. The marks that look like knife cuts are actually a result of cheap leather nicks or the beveling tool. Still have to practice on casing the leather and using the bevels.
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