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  1. WOW! have not been on here in quite some time. i can't believe it's been 10 year since i did this!
  2. I have not ordered from them since 2010. I was told today that even though I had spent thousands over the past few years that I would need to come up with a $500 order to maintain my wholesale account. I only need a double shoulder as I'm doing very limited leatherwork right now so I am looking for a new supplier. Weaver has lot me as a customer
  3. Roger


    thanks for all the replies!
  4. Roger


    ok.. i have a customer that i cover a motorcycle seat for a few years back. he has contacted me about recovering it again and was asking about buffalo and if it can be tooled? he says his horse saddle is made from buffalo hide. can anyone give me some info on working with buffalo and where i can fine it?
  5. this was done with silver acrylic paint then sealed and a black antique applied then sealed again. if it was not going to be sat on you could use silver leaf. i would imagine the process would be the same as most other surfaces. you would not want to use silver or gold leaf on anything that will be flexed or bent as it would fracture the leaf
  6. thanks for all the comments! nice to be missed. i have another seat finished up i'll try and post later today in the motorcycle section. it's nothing fancy... just another one done. i stopped counting when i got over 200
  7. hi all! been some time since i have posted. too much else going on in my life to get much leather work done but, i've managed to get this stuff out in the last month or so. hope you like!
  8. cause i liked the way it looked. i had no reason to use the rivets otherwise. i used a tandy kit for a template and cut my own pieces. it's lined with veg tan roo btw
  9. thanks! actually not too bad stitching. don't recall exactly how long but, it was under four hours. i'm thinking it was closer to 2.5 to 3 it's quite i bit faster stabbing holes and stitching when using a horse. i'm used to holding a solo seat between my knees to stitch them up
  10. this is one of only a couple projects i did over the winter. pretty much put the tools down for a few months to recharge. i also posted a seat i'm working on in the motorcycle section. hope you like. it was my first ranger belt and my first lined belt.
  11. well... i have taken quite a bit of time off. just been burned out from working a full time job and leather. here is one of the first seats i've done since picking up the tools again. it still needs color. waiting to hear back from the customer. hope you like
  12. looking good! a little black goes a long way. i have a pair of polished aluminum sides the at were given to me. i just have not taken the time to figure out how i want to use them
  13. good looking set. one thing i still have not done is a round tool bag
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