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  1. Hey I'm looking for a craftool #111 A rope bar grounder..Where to find one?

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    2. King's X

      King's X

      Check out proleathercarvers.com...they list a bunch of old tools all of the time.

    3. Helda Huginkiss

      Helda Huginkiss

      Yeah.. I lost the one for 31 on ebay. Dang it.. Will be on the look out THanks!

    4. King's X

      King's X

      they have a website where you can check their other listings.

  2. Hey this is probably the wrong plade to ask but does anyone have a pdf of how to braid the survival cord bracelts?
  3. Here is a picture of my double Pommel Holsters.. They are not like yours though Jim.
  4. These are great and so Unique.. Lovit.
  5. It is mine.. After packing it around a day..I am going to redo the top piece. I am not happy with the way it is closing.. Going to cut in half add another piece of leather under both peices in black and then add one more tooled leather peice along the spine to hold the handle. It will make it a little more user friendly.
  6. Thank you all. and Yes the purse is an original design.. The holster is from Al Stohlman book on Holster making.
  7. Helda Huginkiss

    Winter 2011

    A collection of thing I made for Christmas.
  8. thanks Vikefan.. Sorry I took so long to respond I had computer and job issues.

  9. I've been busy.. a holster a new purse and saddle bags
  10. Hidepounder... Your work is awesome. Like others have said you keep us inspired to do better!! I love seeing your projects! Helda XXXOOO
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