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  1. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with CXL. If you are trying to split chromium tanned leathers, like chap leather, then the answer would be that it doesn't do well with it. The leather must be firm, like veg tan.
  2. I am closing down my leather business and have a Cobra Class 4 leather splitter for sale. It comes complete with stand and motor. The stand has locking casters. It will split heavy leather up to almost 14" wide. It works best on big pieces if you take it down in increments, making several passes. The blade is in good shape. It has no nicks or rust. Could probably do with a bit of stropping to bring the edge back to its best cutting condition. But, as is, it works quite well. I bought this new 3 years ago and it has served me well. It is quite heavy, so local pick-up will be required. It is located in Floresville, Texas. Price is $1900. Contact me at bcl@ziplinkmail.com
  3. These items are no longer for sale here as a lot. I have listed most of it on Ebay separately. If I knew how to delete this topic, I would. Maybe the administrator could do it? Thanks
  4. No. The rigging plates have no maker stamp.
  5. Going out of business sale - 1 large lot of solid brass hardware to include all the items shown in the attached picture and listed in the pdf file attached. I will sell the entire lot for $95 plus shipping, flat rate USPS $12.65. The lot is valued at current wholesale prices to be $187, plus shipping. Sorry, no international shipping. And, no separating the items. It must be sold all together. Take all or nothing. I accept Paypal. Send funds to BCL@ziplinkmail.com ********If someone can explain to me how to cut and paste the list into this editor I will gladly do it, however, I tried to cut and paste the list from Word, notepad and email, with no success. Also, I was not allowed to include the Word Doc file, for some reason. ???? But, it would allow me to include the PDF file??? Go figure. brass hdwr01.pdf
  6. It looks like your shipping will be about $48. Be advised that this is just an estimate for shipping because until I fill out all the forms and get a final cost it's impossible to know the exact amount.
  7. If the price is right. Email me with your address and I'll try to give you a quote for the shipping.
  8. I'm in Floresville, TX., 20 miles south of San Antonio.
  9. These forms are still available for sale. Make me an offer....
  10. Thanks. Maybe it's time you started. Actually, the background gets a lot bigger once you tool it. Here is how it looks.......
  11. For sale is the Dennis Lane saddle tree fitting system cards. I have the full set and they are in excellent condition. New they cost $75 plus $35 shipping from Australia. I am selling my slightly used set for $50 plus shipping from Texas, (a lot cheaper than Australia) PM or email if interested. I accept Paypal.
  12. For Sale - My collection of floral patterns that I designed for my saddles. They are all original custom designed, based on the Sheridan style, but with some unique flowers and leaves. The patterns are pencil on mylar drafting film, which is heavier than the flimsy stuff that Tandy sells and takes the pencil lead much better. So, it's perfect for transferring to wet leather and can be erased and re-drawn to fit a particular part. There are full carve patterns for the seat, fenders, cantle, rigging and skirts, as well as some spot florals. Most have left and right design as well as the transition design from left to right for the seat. Most were made for round skirts and jocks, but one is for a more square skirt and jocks. Price: The entire bunch for $45 plus shipping. PM or email if interested.
  13. For sale - a set of Steele Saddle Tree FTBS forms for determining the type of back a horse has and what type of tree is needed to fit it. The set contains 4 forms as follows: J - Semi-Quarter Horse D - Standard Quarter Horse TF - Full Quarter Horse PW - Walking Horse Here is the link to the Steele saddle tree website for further information on the FTBS saddle fit system. I am selling these forms for the ridiculously low price of $75, plus shipping, for the set. PM or email if interested.
  14. For sale - Stohlman Encyclopedia Of Saddle Making volumes 1, 2 & 3. They have their jackets and are in very good condition. The jacket of #3 is torn. But, the books themselves are all intact with no torn, missing or dog eared pages. No marks. This set is essential for anyone starting out in saddle making and contains a wealth of information that will serve as a bench reference manual for even the advanced maker. The illustrations are superb and much better than photographs ever could be. Price: Set of all 3 volumes = $110 plus shipping. Paypal accepted. Message me if interested.
  15. For sale, various saddle making tools. All in very good condition. Priced as listed plus shipping. Message me if interested. 1. Saddler's hammer, CS Osborne. Price $80. 2. Cantle Pincers, CS Osborne, #10 forged, smooth jaws. Price $40. 3. Cantle binding trimmer, Jeremiah Watt's Horse shoe brand, very sharp and ready to use. Price $50 4. Round knife, CS Osborne #70 5" blade, very sharp and ready to use. Price $40 5. Concho cutter, Weaver Master Tools # 65-5001 2", for use with 1 1/2" conchos, makes perfect 2" leather rosettes. Condition is like new in the box. Price $70. 6. Collar Awl, CS Osborne, 10", very sharp and like new condition. Price $20. 7. Heritage draw gauge, cuts straps up to 4" wide. Stainless steel. Like new. Price $20.
  16. For sale is a 19" x 1" large bow cocobolo rub stick. It is in perfect condition. I am closing my saddle making business so I have further use for it. Price: $75 plus shipping from zip code 78114
  17. In speaking to the issue of durability of the veg tan leather for working collars, what you might consider is lining with latigo or harness leather. That way you have the tooling leather for show and latigo for strength. But, if properly finished with neatsfoot oil and maintained with saddle soap occasionally, veg tan will be fine for working collars or leashes.
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