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    I am interested in all aspects of leatherwork.

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    As much as possible about all leather applications.
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    I googled a question regarding leather and this site came up.

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  1. stamphandj

    Old and new pieces

    Some old pieces I'm showing here, will add more as I get them done.
  2. I could really use some constructive feedback on these holsters. It's been a long time since I've done anything. I kind of forgot a lot. Thanks in advance.
  3. That's is awesome. The blending into the skull is just great, I mean just great.
  4. Howdy fiolks, I am in search of the actual pattern to the satchel bag of an old Harold Arnett Doodle Page. I have the doodle page and it has the carving pattern, but not the satchel pattern. Does anyone have an idea of where to find that satchel pattern? I have combed all through what Tandy has to offer to no avail. Thanks in advance, J
  5. I worked as a stamphand for different saddleries and leather shops around the southern part of the US. I got paid okay but never killed any real fat coons. I usually got paid by the piece. I also did a lot of freelancing. Tooling a saddle paid 12 hours regardless of design in most shops. So if I tooled a basket weave I could knock that out in 4 to 6 hours, but if someone needed something like a pin oak that could take upwards of 20 hours. Hopefully you would get less intracate work most of the time. Hourly rate then was 15 to 30 DPH depending..I was always contract worker never a real employ. I never recieved any benifits. Being a veteran I always had the VA for health issues so no bennies was no biggie. I got out of the leather business completely for 25 years or so and now I am wanting to dabble around a bit, and maybe have a little leather shoppe. We'll see how it goes but I don't expect to see any big money. If I can knock out some nice pieces that people love then I would count that as a good deal. I also believe that if you do the best you can and if your quality is there, you'll get paid what your worth. There are some fantasically talanted people in the leather business now. Marketing is important.
  6. stamphandj

    Saddle Bags

    Everything you do is very nice, however I really like the technique you used on the saddle bags. The colors work so well together.
  7. stamphandj


    Hi Skeeter, I used a brass bracelet blank. I had it sitting around here too. But again I'm sure a google search would reveal several sources.
  8. stamphandj


    I bought a few glass eyes back in the eighties and just now using them. I did see some on a google search however. I am anxious to make another one. I am giving that way.
  9. These colors are beautiful together. The overall design is attractive. Thank you for sharing.
  10. stamphandj


    Thanks, this composition was by Christine Stanley. I finished this piece in the late 70's. It painted with acrylic.
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