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    All things leather, reading, full contact gardening, motorcycling, shooting, CCW. Retired Army Warrant Officer

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    Holsters, knife sheaths, and gun belts
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    Referred by a saddle maker

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  1. Lowered the price to $45 shipped within the US of A.
  2. Those are excellent! You need to find a knife maker to work with so you have an excuse to make lots of those when you retire.
  3. Rivets are all gone. Snaps still available at a reduced price of "make me an offer".
  4. Ah ha! Thank you very much. Glad to know the procedure. Cheers!
  5. I've clicked everything and looked everywhere, and found some useful ways to arrange information, but still no way to edit a post I made, or remove one when I sell an item. I don't want to be one of those guys who leaves ads up when the items have already been sold. Thanks for your help! Steve
  6. Offering all the snaps and rivets I could round up. There are 600-700 rivets of various colors; mostly gun metal black. Over 200 assorted Line 20 and Line 24 snaps in brass, antique brass, gold plate, and nickel. The ne pack of about 100 nickel has the shorter shaft for thinner leather. The other Line 24s are 5/16 shaft. All together 3 3/4 pounds of stuff. Also selling the rivet-set type of magnetic snap. I used these for cell phone case flap snaps and so forth. I have about 90+ of these plus some extra bits and bobs. I'm pricing it as a quantity of 80. Buy the whole lot at $135, including shipping in the US of A. Ask questions, make an offer, throw money... Cheers! Steve
  7. Thanks for the advice and the link! That's a great way to do it. I'm going to make mine cheap, too. I no longer have a need for any of it, and My wife wants the spare room back! Marital harmony above recouping money I spent a decade ago.
  8. Ah, thanks. US at that price. Is there any way to edit my other posts to include that? I made that mistake on all of them.
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