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  1. Hi there, Thank you so much for responding. I do have photos! The brogue punch my friend has is here: 5959376077_7d4b3a2c88_z.jpg And then half circle punch is here: 5959935628_607993ab7f_z.jpg Oh, and I'm in San Francisco. I really appreciate any help or leads you can give me. Rae Thank you very much. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the help. I look forward to speaking with him or her soon! R.
  2. Sorry for the ridiculous delay in my response. It seems I had all my notifications turned off. Oops. Thanks for the info! I really appreciate the help.
  3. Finding tools to set up my shoemaking shop.

  4. I'm looking to do some classic footwear styles and while I know I can do a brogue effect using two sizes of steel punch, it takes me forever to do them! A friend of mine has a steel brogue punch with three prongs that create the brogue pattern. I'm hoping someone has a set that they don't use and would be willing to sell. Similarly, I'm looking for a half-circle punch as well. I need punches!! Thanks everyone, Rae fauxred at gmail.com
  5. Hi Todd, I'm very interested in your punches. Specifically I'm looking for half circle punches and brogue punches. Do you have either of those? If so, name your price and they are sold! Also looking for a closing hammer, if you have one. I'm not on here often (and I'm in class all day making shoes, actually) but please email me: fauxred at gmail.com and we can talk on the phone after that? Thanks so much! Best of luck selling things off. Rachael
  6. I used to own a pair of blood red horse hair boots and I fell in love with the look and texture of hair on hide shoes. I'm looking to work on a mini-collection and I'm seeking blood red hair on hide, with a texture similar to horsehair. I've spoken to several leather retailers, but none of them seem to have anything like it. I had no idea it was such a specialty item! Can anyone direct me towards a supplier that might have something like this? I'm willing to dye it myself if I can find something similar in texture to the horsehair. Thanks so much!
  7. Very interested if this is still available! Thanks!
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