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  1. Hi Ellen Leather jewelery has been mentioned, knot work and beads using leather. You could also think about doing ' collage ' using leather. Both thick and thin exotic and mundane, surprising what comes to mind when thinking ' outside the box '. You could also look at fabric crafts that could to some degree lend themselves to being adapted for use with leather. GB.
  2. Oops:blush:,,,, Can I get away with 'Guy-ess'. Thanks for the heads up, will be placing an order with her shortly.
  3. Has anyone had any dealings with a guy calling himself ' Leather and Stuff ', found him on E-Bay. And I am looking for some tooling leather but don't want to buy a full side at this time. And no I'm not being a tight git, just being cautious in case my hand gives me problems manipulating tools again.
  4. I use both Picasa and Photobucket.
  5. Hi George,,,,,,,,,,, methinks you'll be getting your wrist slapped from a certain quarter .
  6. Thank's Luke,,,,, Just have to go find it now.
  7. Hi Ray, Thank's for the welcome, currently reading and testing the computer how 2s re this forum. One man and his dog eh, !!. Like that:) Cheers GB.
  8. Hi Denise, that one was done around 20 years ago, this one was done just after that. Had an accident that gave me issues with manipulating tools before I finished it, not picked up carving tools since. Now considering attempting a carving of my dog that passed away early Dec, problem is he was a Bichon Frise breed, Hair work and lack of definitive lines is something I have not attempted before, so browsing 'figure carving' for ideas.
  9. This is just a test to see if this aged brain can grasp photo posting. Looks like there is life in the old dog yet.
  10. Thank you Ellen,, will have a look and see if I can make head or tail of it. Cheers. Bill.
  11. How can I post a photo that shows as a thumbnail, and when clicked on then expands to a larger size?. There are computer literate people, there are those who are not,, then there is ME.
  12. Morning folks Thank you Zoe,,Gary,, & Andy, for your welcome and kind words. I believe it is going to take me some considerable time to work through even a small part of this site, And as the youngsters over here say '' Gobsmacked '' at the amount of information available and the quality of the work presented. I only have a the odd few bits that I never quite finished, when I had issues with my hand that caused me to stop carving. Not sure whether to try and post them, and which section yet. Being a newbie I might just sit in the corner for a bit. Cheers Bill.
  13. Hi all, I found this site via the web this morning. And registered prior to browsing the forum, I used to do some carving many years ago, but gave it up due to an accident that caused frustrating issues in manipulating the tools. The reason behind registering is an emotional one, [ the passing of my little dog ] . I want to carve his likeness in leather, whether I succeed only time will tell. To that end I intend to browse and see if I can some ideas on 'how' others may have produced a result, when the only area that is cut is[ the eyes the nose and a small portion of the mouth ]. Not something that I have ever worked on in the past, The little of the work shown I have seen so far, is superlative,, Makes me wonder if I am going to be out of my depth!!. Again. Cheers. GB-UK
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