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  1. I love the grips and the holster to match. Where did you get the grips? jbissell@triad.rr.com

  2. A great job. Did you also make the saddle stand? Art
  3. The Hides to Art site now has PayPal up and working if you're ready to register for this years Extreme Leather Workshop. Art http://www.hidestoart.com/
  4. Hey everyone ! Just wanted to make sure you all know about the up coming Hides to Art Leather Workshop. It's March 19-21 in Asheville, NC. You can get details at http://www.hidestoart.com/ I've gone the last two years and loved it!. There aren't too many workshops on the east coast so this is great! I can't afford to go out west to the big workshops. This year they will have Al Gould, Bob Beard and Chan Geer. The only hard part is picking which class to take. They have also sold leather, tools and supplies there in the past. I guess they will again this year. If you want any info on the past shows contact me. Art
  5. No, this is a birthday gift for a friend. He has a .41 cal S&W. Thanks, Art
  6. This horn bag is darker than it looks in these pictures. I made these as a gift for a good friend. It's made to hold his 41 caliber S&W revolver. The color, border and trim match his saddle. This is my first try at one of these. Art
  7. Jim, I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into the tutorial. It is excellent!!! Have you thought about submitting it to LC&SJ? Thank you! Art
  8. Nice work. Is the center portion embossed? Thanks, Art
  9. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. The detail is unbelievable. Art
  10. Beautiful work Brent!! I REALLY like it. How much does it weigh? Thanks, Art
  11. Thanks Folks. I bought the lining leather a long time ago. It's paper thin and I think it's pig skin. The inside top edge is actually a separate piece about 2" tall. I skived the top edges and glued them over about 1/2". Attached is a close up. Thanks, Art
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