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  1. Yesterday I get my Tools. Wow, it was a verry fast shipping from US to Germany. The Quality of the Tools is realy realy good. I can't take them out of my hands. Thank You Barry, you have a new satisfied Custemer here in Northern Germany. All the best for you... Lutz
  2. i tryed a smal peace of scrap leather and colored it withvinegroon. now I wait until drying and then I will check the white acryl paint... ciao lutz
  3. hello, i have to make a black belt with inverted carved white letters on it. my question: how I have to dye that belt? shuld I first make the letters with eco flow acryl white and the the rest with black sprit dye black? I just have a black sprit dye and white acryl dye. It's possible to dye acryl white over vinegroon black? ciao Lutz oh sorry I'm on the wrong part of the forum mybe the administrator can move it.
  4. Now I did my order and I wait for the Tools. one more time thank you. ciao lutz
  5. thank you for your answers. You have to belive me I don't want to give a reason for War here. Barry send me an eMail and tomorrow I will get an order. Thanks to all for the help and try to live in peace together. ciao Lutz
  6. @ bluesman1951 Thank you for your frindship The problem is not fixed. I can't reach Barry King. I don't know where is the problem. I emailed him and I try to call him. ciao Lutz
  7. @ Chief1794 Thanks for the both shops. Ohio Travel bags i already know and the weaver I culd not find a website. But I dont think thats the shop where I looked for. Months bevore I found here on Leatherworkers.net a Shop they sell skullrivets with rings in his mouth where you can fix the walletchain or lionheads or eagels with rings, verry high quality wallet chains and so one... I cant find it anymore maybe there is someone who know what I mean... ciao Lutz
  8. hello, I'm looking where I can get good quality silver hardware for Bikers and Rockers. I don't look for Buckels but the rest rivets, snaps and chicago screws are interesting. Anyone have a supplier in mind?
  9. hello, i want to order some barry king carving tools and a swivel knife,I send 2 emails to him to ask how mutch is the insured shipping to germany. I get no answer. then I tryeed to call him but the line was busy. dos enyone know what's halppend with barry king tools that they not answer the emalis and always the line is busy? ciao Lutz from Hamburg, Germany
  10. hello bruce! there is no link behind the name of the jpg file. maybe yo can reload this image it would be verry nice thank you and greetings from hamburg, germany ciao lutz
  11. What is with the Hackbarth Stamps? Whitch one you can recomand?
  12. Hallo, I plan to buy some stamps from Barry King and some Hackbarth Stamps. Whitch Stamps You wuld to buy for Western Flower Tooling? ciao Lutz
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