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  1. Biothane is marvelous for trail riding, eventing and CDE, where the equipment is constantly exposed to lots of water and mud, daily. You can throw it in a bucket of water, take it out and hand it to dry. The Biothane, produced by Bioplastics, in Ohio, comes in a multitude of coverings, from spongy foam, to silicone grippy reins. It is the preferred material for endurance riders and CDE drivers and becoming very popular for everyday trail riders. Bioplastics constantly has auctions on Ebay, to get the material at a reduced price. Try getting some there and work with it. It definitely is hard on the hands if you are repairing or sewing by hand. The spongy type coating lets the stitches sink in and are hidden, like in our leather. I work with both, but more and more, everyday riders and drivers want the biothane.
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