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  1. @ particle : The dark brown area is dyed. As far as overlapping points youve raised. , Yes they are very valid. But since this is the first time ive combined the two, (the horse print) i faced some practical problems. But they will be sorted out. as u can see the 2nd wallet(buddha print) , overlapping is done pretty well.There is ofcourse scope for improvement and finesse, ill be upto it.thanks.tc.
  2. Just a follow up of my previous post. i have completed making my first two wallets combining handcraft with print on leather. Just wanted to share it with you all.Critique is most welcome. Just want you know, im just starting to combine the two processes.So dont be too harsh!! Cheers
  3. @ particle : While i laud you for your open mindedness regarding this new process, i also am compelled to keep the secrecy of the same. I havent invented anything and gradually the whole process will become common knowledge, but as of now, im just keeping trade secrets! i hope you understand my point. Im not being secretive, just being business-"wise". As far as financials, yes this will definitely help margins, if you want to know in detail , just send me personal msg, ill give you all the details. @ horrrk- Point noted phil, thanks for the clarification.
  4. Yep stamping by hand and then the print. I plan to make the best of both processes and create an intricate product. And thanks for your opinion. Though i do not agree that printing does not reflect any level of competence, its your view, i respect that.Cheers !!
  5. Tks EquusBlankets for your frank views. i appreciate it.
  6. Hi everyone, Last time i posted pictures of my printed leather products,i met with a very hostile response from the members arguing this community was for handcrafted leather products only. So, this time im posting an upgrade recently added to my product range, which combines Hand tooling and print on leather. Attached picture,of a gents wallet flap is an example of the same. Im looking for your inputs regarding the concept. Tks, Karan Vaz (k47)
  7. Youre done beating your own ass big boy.......there is no reply from your end regarding the link or pictures? have you conviniently overlooked ? Your nobody i should entertain by sending photos etc, ull just come up with another accusation. The smart ones here have already mailed me their interests, so i have only gained by joining this forum. You dont worry about my time schedule. i can handle that on my own. Shut ur trap and get to business. ( if u have any)
  8. @ mended bowl If you want swatches buddy, ill send you some swatches. i understand what a sample is. if you want a finished product, youll have to bear the cost. As ive said before im here to work,not to cheat. So if you are interested mate, let me know how we can go ahead. @ lucas are you dumb enough to talk to a person who has no meaning in your life? is time so cheap for you? Ive had enough of you playing the cop and me answering your questions politely. I told you, make your judgement, and go on in life. Your entitled to your views and i am to mine. And if you still want to persist, wait for a couple of weeks, you will have a review by an american forum member. i dont know how business functions out there, so i dont talk about that, you , my friend have no idea how we function here. so keep that trap shut. And how the hell do you know who works for me? your secret service? If you know what a shopping mall is, it is a place where people BUY and SELL. not MANUFACTURE. I do not know about you , but sane people MANUFACTURE in what we call a FACTORY. you doubt my math....but you still do not prove your claim that the concept is not new?Not one link or one picture? common , your just trying to corner me to protect your ass.... if you are a man of your word, prove me wrong. Just to put it clear, Ive got two years experience in printing. 1.5 yrs in retailing.... I meant to write "over a years operations" in the previous post. i saw my mistake. my apologies. My company is registered with the government. I am not a member of the leather council. it is not mandatory here. i saw no need until recently. the formalities for that too will start shortly after my financial year ends in march. How do you know im lifting images or not? And who are you to decide? You should take a chill man......seriously! I do not mind negative reviews. i will learn from them. improve. and not sit and cry because a bloke from arkansas or whatever thinks im a con. @tattoobyjay I understand what youll do buddy. i just wanted some views on the product. I dont mind if you dont like it...atleast youre clear about it. tanx for your time. Tks, karan vaz
  9. @ Bad hide, I would love to see some images of your work. Please put them up , so that even i can learn. As for the life, i cant claim what i do not deliver, so sorry to disappoint you . And the designing part, Please check my complete range before judging me ( www.facebook.com/VAZlifestyles ) . Do not judge me on a couple of photos. I cannot comment on my competitors designs, but as for you and i are concerned, lets just say our tastes do not match. Nothing wrong in that. To each , his own. And i assure you, no image has been directly lifted from google. we have worked upon them. We also have to face copyright issues here. And if you like to send in some designs, please do, so that i know what you're expecting. Thanks for the feedback, Cheers!
  10. @ Big gun doctor, The craftmanship here lies in the artwork. we develop it ourselves. You are right about the people who we are looking to target. We are looking to target people who are more into fashion. As for the soul part, Buddy we put in as much time in making a product as you do crafting it, its just that our methods are different. Thanks for the feedback anyways, Good day. Karan Vaz
  11. Thanks for the pains of googling me up. Firstly, yeah im operating from a shopping mall in mumbai. Secondly, i do not sell trosseau, stationary etc.....Im just into leather. The yellow pages you refer to, compile their own information. i do not give them anythng. As of now, im not registered with the leather council of india. My market has been domestic, and i didn't have the need to register. The process coudnt have started earlier as i was a startup and i could not show a turnover. Now, i have a year of operations behind me, and the formalities will take place. As for the competition, well, the company is my own, and there is no harm looking in the market for like minded people. Its a free market. As for the news release, i have got coverage, Last may. It was a broadcast media coverage. I cant upload the whole episode as file size it too big. Ive tried it before..Ill try again. As for the con man part, i suggest you wait for a couple of weeks, one of the forum members, @ dave johnson is visting india in a couple of weeks, ill give him the samples, you are free to ask about his views and reviews.....he has posted in this thread.....so just keep a bit of patience. As for the alias, Yes, my full name is Karan Vazirani...I use Karan vaz as it is easy for people to grasp.....no other motive...Yeah my reason might sound naive to you, but whether you like it or not, thats my only motive. Tks, Karan Vaz
  12. @ Dave johnson, My store is located at: Vaz lifestyles, Level 2, K stars mall, Near Diamond Garden, Chembur, Mumbai-400071. Store Number- 91-22-25208982 My mobile number - 09867863044. Let me know whenever you will be coming, ill personally be there..... Tks, Karan Vaz
  13. http://www.bambas.com.au/ type the above in your browser and check it. The link was for you and the others to understand that its not a too good to be true concept. and it was for you to understand the pricing and warranty offered at the international level. Im not trying to prove my legitamacy.....its not humanly possible...we are too far away, for me to attempt that. im just being as transparent as possible to the people viewing this post. As for cons, well i can do nothing about that. so it makes no sense talking about it. you are experienced enough to make your judgement, so ill leave it at that. Tks.
  14. @ lucas Bambas Click on the link.......thats my international competition.......you check the prices , warranties and then decide................
  15. lucas, Im not here to bicker . Lets not waste our time. Save your accusations and energies for someone else. Because i dont bother. And why on the earth do you think that i will fly to america? iv got better markets to concentrate than an a declining economy like america, Keep the advice to yourself. Im not here to be rude, emotional etc....im here to present a product, get "Constructive" feedback and if possible, build a business partnership. Tks.
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