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  1. Hello Just found these Bobbins on ebay. here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/14535-Shuttle-Bobbins-FIT-FOR-SINGER-11-11-11-33-42-4-42-5-42-8-SEWING/153747883042?hash=item23cc168422:g:FuIAAOSwwJ1d5cp0 These fit my 42-5 machine, however the hole is too big to fit my bobbinwinder. However I used a cordless drill and a 3/16 inch screw driver bit, and wound one in about 30 seconds. They are not expensive $15 /for 5 and should be considered if you only have one or two bobbins. I have no connection with the seller, but decided having a few extra bobbins is useful.
  2. All Thanks for all the advice. I actually do oil the machine before I use it. I really am looking for some kind of maintenance instructions for this machine. I have been using it trouble free for the last five years, When I got it the first thing I did was find a place that works on industrial machines in Saint Louis. They may be out of business now. They sold me a quart of sewing machine oil. I have been using 135 series needles in it since I got it (they are 1mm shorter than the 16x63 needles SInger recommends.) The timing was fine last time I used it, and then I tried to use it yesterday and the needle was hitting the bobbin case, bent two needles, realized I had a serious problem. Thanks Cascabel for the link...That is the best lead I have had yet! I will Check it out! SDGengineer
  3. I appologize I originally posted this in Sewing leather (a rookie mistake) I didn't see an easy way to move it. Can anybody give me some guidance, see below: I have an old singer 42-5 machine I have used lightly over the last 4 years. I tried to use it today, and it is horible out of time. I am comfortable with adjusting the timing, but I am not sure where to adjust it? I imagine all older singers adjust similarly, so If anybody has any insight please email me at sdgardner1954@sbcglobal.net\. This machine uses a long oscillating bobbin vice a rotating bobbin. I have a picture of the bottom of the machine, with a crude arrow showing the setscrew I believe I loosen and adjust, but I would like some guidance from any old hands out there. Thanks SDGengineer
  4. Hello there I have a singer 42-5 that I have "pulleyed down" for sewing leather. It is a flat bed machine, the setscrew that holds the needle sticks out to the right. This makes sewing cases, and anything that is not flat problematical as the setscrew hits the work. I have researched the screw size, and bought some 6x40-1/4 inch hollow head set screws, that can be used to replace the existing fillister head screw. We will see how this works, but it should work well. SDGengineer
  5. I have a 42-5 I have had for sometime. Pretty good machine...However its upper limit is about 5/16" of an inch. I use T-138 in it, but could use T-160 (Both bonded polyester) I put the smallest pulley I could find on the motor so it runs about 300 SPM. 135 x 16 or x17 needles work fine. Its great for sewing things up to 5/16 of an inch. If you need to sew stuff 3/8 of inch or more consider doing it by hand or get a specialized machine. people tend to think they need more capability than they do. After getting a good deal used on this one, I see that for my purposes I don't need anything heavier. if I need to sew thick leather I do it with an awl and two needles. SDG
  6. I need to check out a local countertop provider, maybe get a 2 x 2 piece
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