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  1. Mijo, with the Osborne 86 do you think I would be able to split 8oz down to 2-3 for wallet slots? In other words I wouldn't just be doing straps. On rare occasions I might want to split a 3.5" wide wallet back. Or would you recommend against it?

  2. Looks good and well made. I like how the quick release buckle has that leather flap under it.
  3. Looks solid, as always. Your font is spot on, very nice touch.
  4. Looks real good, sort of a modified sheath design. i make those as well, but mine are based off of a dice cup design. I started using button studs b/c people were complaining about the snap being too difficult to close when they're new. People with "fur babies" call them a diaper bag instead of bag dispenser.
  5. Very creative. Did you plan it out or just throw it together using scrap? I could see it as a key chain or bag charm for a photog or hobbiest.
  6. Great idea, solid design and construction. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration, I bet you end up selling a bunch of those. I went to super zoo earlier this year and there were a few manufacturers with LED collars, but none as nice as what you posted.
  7. Welcome back sir, I have also missed your straight forward advice and outlook.
  8. Per your request Billy P - My condolences on your recent loss, I hope my own dogs live that long. Congrats on the 2 chis, I actually have three myself (two of which are rescues as well). I look forward to seeing the harnesses that you make for your chis, when they're big enough. Thanks for the comment.
  9. Thanks for the feed back. This was the first project that I hand cut all the pieces with a knife, rather than a strap cutter, which is a big reason the edges look so bad. You can see that the width varies wildly in certain sections b/c of my lack of skill with a knife. Consequently I didn't sand the edges enough for fear of the making it more obvious that the overall width isn't consistent. Lack of skill with a tool is a poor excuse for bad craftsmanship, but this is just the first project with a new tool (the knife I used). I also don't dye my edges, but maybe I should start. Again thanks for the feedback, I very much appreciate it.
  10. I made a more simplified version of the originally posted harness. The buckle / billet for the strap connecting the body strap to neck strap of the harness has been completely eliminated which makes it less adjustable (but it's for my own dog so it's custom fit). the top and bottom halves are hand cut, rather than multiple straps sewn together like on the original, which made harness much easier to make. I did far less cutting and sewing on this version which reduced the amount of time to make it. Any comments, criticism or questions are appreciated.
  11. the design and construction look solid, but I'm not a fan of the color and bling. Are they machine stitched?
  12. Welcome, your lucky in that the Hide house is so close to you.
  13. Osborne refers to their pricking irons as chisels.
  14. Thanks for the reminder, I keep meaning to check that out but keep forgetting about it. Wave mechanics - I'm essentially self taught, I've only taken two classes at Tandy. What I've learned from this forum, videos online and books has been more valuable than the Tandy classes. That's not to say there's no value in taking the Tandy classes but they felt like they were just following the stohlman books.
  15. Solid as always, I'm a big fan of your work. If owned a big dog I'd purchase one of your sets. I just got back from superzoo and there's a lot more companies making big breed collars and leads this year.
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