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  1. Hi my name is wendy, and I'm new to all this, and I was just going threw an looking threw all the cool stuff you offer, an on behalf of all the newbies that have every started out in leather, THANK YOU!!! for this freaking, rocking site! lol Ok what was I saying? oh yeah lol I'm very new, but having a blast, I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in on this one, I actually made some coin purse patterns out of sheet metal, had some left after some duct work was done, have about 3 sheets, and I really didnt have a good leather cutting knife, just an exacto set lol I was looking at the sheet metal thinking, that would make a great straight edge to cut against! So I have been taking my paper patterns, laying them out on the metal an going around them with a sharpie, an then cutting them out! They make life a lot easier, when cutting patterns, I didn't think of the plexi glass though, thats a great idea! Here's a pic, I had also made me a leather workers tool box lol I hate having all my stuff every where, they are laying in the recessed portion of the toolbox, my tool cadys sit on top of them, an they are nice an out of the way!
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