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  1. Would you do a swap? I have Cary Schwarz's dvds and Jeremiah Watt's saddle making dvd
  2. I have these DVDs for sale. All in great condition, each only watched once or twice. Check description and full prices on Jeremiah's and Cary's website. Jeremiah Watt's The art of Saddle making DVD: $290 Jeremiah Watt's Bucking Rolls and biscuits DVD: $10 Cary Schwarz The Ground seat DVD: $35 Cary Schwarz Flat Plate Fork DVD: $60 Cary Schwarz Seat Cantle Binding DVD: $60 Cary Schwarz Carving DVD: $30 Cary Schwarz Floral Design I DVD: $30 Cary Schwarz Floral Design II DVD: $30 Cary Schwarz Shop Technique I DVD: $30 Cary Schwarz Shop Technique II DVD: $30 The whole package: $500 Contact me for more details and shipping info. My email is pdsaddlery@gmail.com
  3. Thanks for comment and for advice. I am developing my carving style.Always try to add something new.
  4. Hello Bob Thanks very much for your reply. Actually I am from Slovakia, but I live in Ireland for over 8 years now. I am riding horses for 20 years and working with leather about 10. It is always a learning process. This is saddle # 20. Western riding is getting very popular here in Ireland. In Slovakia it is very well developed sport and lifestyle in the past 20 years.
  5. Custom Handcrafted Half Breed Wade Saddle Built on Warren Wright Saddle Tree, Hermann Oak Skirting/ Harness Leather(as a liner for billets, back cinch and beast collar) , Solid Brass Hardware and 5'' Stirrups. Features custom designed oak leaves and border pattern, rawhide horn and cantle lip, Sheridan Brown Antique Finish. The whole saddle is handsewn including double sewing on skirts and back jockeys. I would like to ask all saddlemakers and leathercrafters to highliht anything I could design or make better in the future. I did my best.
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