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  1. Thanx Gentlemen. David, I might just take you up on that invite. I'll let you know when I decide to take a road trip. Chuck.
  2. How difficult is it to learn how to operate this? I just got rid of a Tippmann Boss and was considering a Cobra.
  3. thank you gentlemen! I'll check it out. I have been using Duncan's and Rings Blue Guns but thought there would be a chance of some folks getting out of the holster business and selling some cheaper than $50 bucks a wack. I'll keep an eye on the for sale section. I'm a little new to this site. Thanx again!
  4. raindancer777

    Dummy Guns

    I'm looking for some dummy guns for holster forming. If anyone out there is getting rid of any I might be interested. I have a few but am always looking for some more.
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