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  1. I have sent you a PM. Please contact if you are still looking for Randall beveler and other machines.
  2. Welcome! Where are you based? We are in Caledon East.

  3. Hi Jeo, I am intrusted in a few of these machines. PM sent. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, sa one
  4. http://www.oldcowpoke.com/test/getprod.php?act=view&prod_id=120
  5. It is also called Siska rapid eyeleter, http://www.siska.com/mac7.html and the company www.siska.com is in business and have all the accessories and parts for this machine. just talked to one of there rep. and he sound pritty helpfull. just bought two of these machines from an auction but never use them may be you could help me regarding this. Regards, sa one
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