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  1. Sure like your work!!!

  2. this is a oakleaf desk pad set i just finished for a customer
  3. wayne, now that is what i am talking about!!!!!! you did a great job and both you and your son should be very proud of that. just keep up the good work ever piece you do seems to be getting better and better. again great job!!!!!! john
  4. thanks jeff for the nice comment john
  5. thanks for the nice compliment john
  6. i use 7 oz that i have split at w/c leather hope that helps john
  7. hello tinneal, i will try to download some close up pictures and the pad has a stiffner in the center so you can write on it all you want even with a single sheet of paper thanks for the nice comment hello ben i will try to post a close up of the pen holder already posted aclose up of the pad hope this helps and thanks for the nice compliment
  8. leathercrafter

    Desk Pad

    this is a desk pad set i just finished for a customer all comment are welcomw good or bad
  9. wood i just go to wal-mart and buy a ring binder in what ever size i need for photo album i use a 2 in binder i then drill out the ring binder and throw away the cover you can also buy just the ring at tandy i dont know what sizes they come in hope this helps john pete i cut my borders with a swivel knife and border them i dont use a beader blade just never could get the hang of using one thanks for the nice compliment on the album john
  10. wayne that is a good looking rope can you did a good job on it a i-pad cover should be no problem, let me know if you get stumped on it keep up the good work john
  11. bob the top of it is a flap the you lift up slide your i-pad down and tuck it back down over the top hope this makes sence john
  12. this is a floral cover for a i-pad 2 i just finished for a customer all comments good or bad are welcome
  13. i have built several bag over the years with gussets the way i do mine is i build all mine out of 2to3 or 3to 4 oz lining leather, i wet the top with a sponge then use barge cement along the edgeof both pieces to be glued together. let it dry for a minute then put the two pieces together and form the edges with my hands. then with the leather still damp i sew the two together. i have several items in my photo album that i have done this way for your viewing. hope this helps john
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