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  1. claude

    Singer 29-4 for sale

    Where are you
  2. claude

    Doc Holiday Shoulder Holster Pattern

    Hi could I get a copy of that also Thanks
  3. Just a heads up for the for the ones that can make it
  4. claude

    Adler 30 70 Leather Patcher

    how much I live in Walla Walla could pick up if price is right
  5. Do you have a pattern for your bag in the photo if so would you be willing to share it with me Thanks

  6. claude

    Estimate for knife sheath
  7. claude

    Estimate for knife sheath

    I also make custom leather sheaths. If you would send me an email. I will send you some photos of my sheaths Thanks
  8. Send me an email I think I can help You
  9. claude

    Leather Boots In The Pacific Northwest

    You might try horse hide
  10. claude

    Doctor's bag patterns

    Thanks Butch
  11. Could you put up some more photos maybe the in side knife roll I like the idea of his
  12. claude

    Leather "duffle" Bag

    I would like to know also #1