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  1. Nice restoration but seems pricey, considering it's just the head.
  2. Yup! They kind of multiply all by themselves - ours have their own room Hope you find something closer.
  3. @Constabulary is quite right - early 1900s. 1910 to be exact - according to the ISMACS web site. Usually when there is just a "-" between the model and sub-model number it indicates that the machine was made in the Singer flagship factory at Elizabethport, USA. The 31-15 is listed as industrial but she won't be able to do any heavy duty leather. Mainly for cloth or soft, lightweight leather. She's missing her table and legs and would have also come with her own bobbin winder but that's reflected in the price. The 31-15 also does not have reverse (unlike her sister the 31-32). I have both machines but prefer the reverse version, particularly when working with fabric. A nice size machine if you're doing a fair amount of regular work. You won't feel that she's going to give up on you like some of the diddy domestics!
  4. Hello everyone I'm looking for a user manual for this lovely lady (Singer 134w3). I already have the parts list and have found a manual for the w1 sub-model but there are some small but significant differences. Thanks
  5. Did you see the manual I posted? There won't be much difference between sub-models so you should find what you need
  6. My pleasure! You help so many people on this great forum, including me, my turn to return the favour
  7. Hi again Attached is the manual. Hope it's of use Singer 51w100 and 52w100 - instructions for using and adjusting.pdf
  8. I have a manual for a 51w100 (this sub-model is not listed on ISMAC web site!) but according to the description in the manual and the that of your 51w54 we're not talking much difference in terms of what it does. The basics will be the same. I'll scan it in today and post it here later.
  9. Oh my! What a great photo. I have a 95k40 also from 1950 but she is somewhat less pristine. Machines still in crates must be as rare as hens' teeth !
  10. https://www.amazon.com/Bruce-Grant/e/B001KIJKUM%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share I have "How to make cowboy horse gear" and "Leather Braiding". Both have been really useful. You have to get used to his wonderful way of speaking but they're really good books - always referring to them.
  11. I had some problems uploading the photos as I wanted to keep them a good quality but reduce the size, so I ended up sending 2 or 3 at a time in a post. As a result, they're a bit out of order so here is the correct order, I've quoted the first few words of eachpage as you can't always see the page numbers P111 - "The simple types of hobbles" (text page) P112 - "How to make cowboy horse gear" (text page" P113 - Plate 34 "how to make simple types of hobbles" (diagrams) P114 - "How to make a pair of braided gaucho hobbles" (text page) P115 - Plate 35 "how to make a pair of braided gaucho hobbles" (diagrams) P116 - "how to make cowboy horse gear" (text and photo of gaucho hobbles) P117 - Plate 36 "how to make a pair of braided hobbles" (text and photo of hobbles by John Conrad) P118 - Plate 36 "how to make a pair of braided hobbles" (diagrams) P119 - "how to make a pair of braided hobbles" (text page)
  12. OK, I'll send them through today ....
  13. Hello I have his books, they are in "how to make cowboy horse gear". I could take a photo of the pages .....
  14. Hello We have the option to buy a Singer 91k5 glove machine, it seems all in good order but has anyone out there recently purchased one and could give us an idea of prices. Also, if there are specific things to look out for. We have a large collection of industrial machines and are familiar with buying and restoring other models but this is our first venture into a post-bed "type" machine. Thanks in advance for any info.
  15. I think you're right too - it's a 127. Here's a photo of ours (made in Elizabethport, US in 1919). We've got harness machines and Singer 29s and agree that this little 127 is not going to be able to cope with too much heavy duty stuff! However, she does sew beautifully.
  16. The 107w1 is a belt driven zig zag machine. I have one and it does a nice straight stitch too. It goes through heavy canvas and soft, grosgrain type leather 3mm without too much trouble but I wouldn't do anything heavier.
  17. Hi Have you seen this one for £60? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Singer-29k-sewing-machine-stand/293406233534?hash=item44505fd3be:g:UW0AAOSw4dxeDsxt
  18. Hi We've got one of these old girls and a 31k32 the only difference being is that the 31k15 doesn't have reverse but that's not so much of a problem. She's a basic industrial tailor's machine and could handle very light leather. Ours is on her original treadle table. We only have an operator's manual same as you and there are no "adjustment" instructions in it. We also have a parts list (link: https://www.universalsewing.com/tek9.asp?pg=parts_singer) - the PDF is big so can't attach it here, even after compressing. Our aim was to restore but no repainting - she didn't need it. We did a thorough clean, removed the face plate, presser foot and needle bar - it gets so gunked up with years of dust and oil. She's quite a straightforward machine so don't let it daunt you - by the sound of you I don't think you will be For the suppliers, you could try College Sewing or Trojan Sewing in the UK (web site), Ebay or any of the great guys who sponsor this forum - their banner ads are at the top of the page - most of them are US based so will be better placed to help. Whatever you do don't use grease of any kind ! Only vaseline oil AKA sewing machine oil for her! As for wicks, we certainly haven't found any in her. Post some progress pics. Happy restoration!
  19. The Mexican Round Braid would be good if your strands aren't too thick - 3mm flat? - a nice looking braid. What about a Double Helix Round braid - not too bulky and easy to do several colours. Or there's the single or double loop braid - Cardovan it's called i think. Here's a You Tube link to the double helix. Don't forget to post a photo of the finished shoe
  20. Excellent news! Always good to get these lovely old machines going again
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