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  1. Hello to all from Central Texas! My name is Dave, and I started playing around with leatherwork about a yr ago, and caught the bug. I retired from the Army, and am back in school for Ag Science, so leatherworking is a relaxing hobby. I am into old western firearms, so I'm starting to experiment with making holsters for some of my black powder revolvers, and spur straps. This site is great! I've already learned alot from the discussions and some of the demonstrations the more experienced crafters have so graciously shared.
  2. This should be o.k. Tandy has blurbs on their site about "great buy for resellers". Same thing with the roller embossing patterns that you can use on a machine to do a whole bunch of belts. After all, who would really need 100 belts with the same patterns. this is obviously intended to be used by someone who will take the leather, use the tool to emboss it, and then sell it at their shop or booth or whatever. If I'm wrong on this, can somebody from Tandy please correct me.
  3. Hey, Doc in Tx, I'm also in Texas, retired in Centex after 23 yrs in the Army, took up leather about a yr ago.I'm making belts, buckles, and other small things like bible covers, but I am getting into holsters, gun belts, and such because of my interest in vintage firearms. I am also looking to get to the point where I feel I am good enough to subsidize my income with leatherwork. Take Care, Dave (mcmillen67) Hi all, I was extremely inspired when I found this site. I have been a lurker for a while but only recently become a member. I live in SE Texas and have not been involved in leather art for over 25 years due to time constraints. Now that I have more time I have unpacked all of my old tools and stamps and I am looking forward to re-introducing myself to an art that I enjoyed so much in my early twenties. At that time I made a few holsters and gun belts for family members. I am still interested in holsters and gun belts but find that now, in my early fifties, my interests are much more varied and include everything from chaps to bible covers. I aspire to learn how to carve and stitch much better so that I can expand my skills for a wide variety of projects. It is my hope that at some point in the future I will become an artisan and able offer my work to the general public. I look forward to learning from the great artisans on this site and aspire to produce such beauty and quality. Also, I have observed that their is currently an active member named Doc, so I will yield to him and sign my posts as, Doc in TX
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