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    Very New to leather crafting but can flintknap with anyone!
  1. Just amazes me the items people are able to make! Nice work.
  2. I think I would sooner club a baby seal! LOL THat was really funny! Im kinda the same, not a chance ... but a worthy suggestion.
  3. Could you have added a section or pack to it for water container. You know a good bushman needs a little water container!! Nice looking bag, I like the rough look, killer piece.
  4. Man looking at all these holsters makes me wanna go buy me a pistol tonight! Yall do some awesome work. I understand the time invested too. WOW.... Really impressive!
  5. thats acool stamping! Lots of uses for Skulls. Good work.
  6. Opinion... I would have disguised the makers mark in the florals not in the center. What is a CAN anyways! LOL Sorry for the unknown item. Looks like a son of a gun to detail though! Nice work, Corporal ?
  7. Thats a really beautiful design. Ive been contemplating stamping out a belt or two myself. Nice and neat! You mentioned the Oil soaking in. What is the reason and what is the oil. Im very new to leatherwork but like the leather I soak it all up! Very nice tight work. Steve
  8. Ill check out the edging tutorial. I take it down smooth with a 120 grit drum sander and then use a piece of wood to burnish it and after about 5-6 minutes and a bead of sweat I think Im done, I cant get that glassy slick jet black edge. Ill read up on it and try it again. The only image pic is on the drill press and the edges are not finished then. They are the last thing I did except for the one like the strap, the front piece bottom and the loop. Sounds good and I appreciate the help. I appreciate the input, makes it worth posting here. Steve
  9. 486 people visited the LEATHERWORKER.net site today......
  10. WOW thats a lot of time invested! Im sure ROZ is one happy camper! Its amazing to see the creativity on forums, you think you got it all down pat and then you open a forum up and all these ideas and designs show up. Looks like a lot of leather, last a lifetime! Thanks for showing. Give us a tip you might have corrected to make something easier for construction, shortcut, Oopsy, Im glad I did that first!!! STEVE
  11. Alright guys, I beat myself up for the bandsaw blade delima and the MAIL RAN today.... brought me a package with my Black USMC Dye! Ive been working on a few designs for my buddy and the other week when we went diving I stole his knife out of the truck!! Im mean but its all good! He is going to get it this coming weekend wrapped in this new sheath! He is a Marine, served with President Bush as his detail. He has a lot of stories and just the real Bush temperment! Oh well we dive and flintknap together and just like a brother we have a freaking hell of a time when we get together! Im in my practice stage and I felt he wouldnt miss the knife ... if not he would be relieved to get it back in a better condition. Decided a straight sheath, laminated, looped with a high handle, If you see the images he is also a County Deputy and my first design was a Star for the LEO! Then I was looking around Ebay and saw the Marines Ensignia and the next day went to the local Surplus store and grabbed a few for 3-5 bucks each, new or used. This is the Collar pin. A little Enlistment knowledge was that the Anchors are left and right, make sure you get the anchor headed where ya going not DRAGGING!!! Hey if its gonna be right better make it right! So for the offset of the USMC Black sheath and the black pin I felt a change in color for that section might set it off better. Good Move! Cant tell ya how many hours it has but I worked on it pretty much all day today off and on between the kids. I tried Olive Drab but I guess I didnt have the right combination and after an hour of being Dr. Jekyll I gave up and went deep green. I used a rag to apply it not the brush wanted it kinda thin. Gun Metal hardware and black stitch. Here she is!!!!! The pin has a brass stud with screw nut, you will have to grind or cut it off and file or grind the nut a little to set it flush. Also you must sew the outter piece to the front BEFORE you glue them up! Lots of steps in these sheaths, Im getting closer to figuring it out! IM still having issues with drilling the sheath and grooving being the same. Im off a hair. You can see in the pic I use some cardboard to level the sheath off instead of drilling out the top or way off the bottom groove on the back. Im sure its a trick I just dont know yet but keeps ya thinking. Hope you enjoy it. Support all Law Enforcement and our Military, they work hard for our FREEDOMS! STEVE BOHUNTER HOLLOWAY
  12. Nice work I really like the Cowgirl one.... I remember those days chasing! LOL
  13. I guess there are Rolls Royces in the tool world! LOL
  14. Man thats what I like about custom work! Killer design. Seeing this gives me an addition to the design like you have. Appreciate the view. Ill break out the pencil and paper now! SWEET knife too! Are the scales round filed to that design?
  15. On the inlay piece. You have it glued to a piece under this then cut a viewing area to then sew it ontop of the glued piece? Looks freaking nice, Im gonna try this soon! You do some serious work there! Nice sheath and custom Holster set up!
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