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  1. Well I guess I answered my own questions regarding quality. I took my girlfriend's saddle to a master leather worker who's been repairing tack and making leather goods for 30-40 yrs and he was surprised at the level of craftsmanship for such a low price. He even admitted being a bit nervous because he didn't want to insult my girlfriend as he expected the saddle to be poorly made (based on price), but after going over it, he told me that I should jump on getting one as long as I could get a guarantee that if it didn't fit me or the horse and it was still in like condition that I could return it. Especially since it's standard in the industry for production saddles. I don't believe they are just marketing people. Definitely someone who answers when you call might be, but I've talked to Wayne Baize the owner directly and he'll call you back within a day of leaving a message.
  2. The problem I am having is that I am 6'4" 330 lbs. That means I need a 18" saddle at least to be comfortable. Finding one used is about as rare as seeing another person like me on the trail. Corriente makes an 18" saddle. Not many of the good production company's do (e.g. Crates only makes up to 17") and like I said before, my girlfriend has a Corriente and it works great for her horses. It's just that it's 5 yrs old. So I don't know if there was a warranty or not back then because she's never had to use it, and I haven't heard of any stories on the internet where people have needed to. So far all I see are people praising their craftsmanship. Which is why I was baffled by his response to my questions.
  3. So I've read a lot of good reviews from people who have sold and rode in these saddles about the strength and durability for the cost of the saddles made by Corriente Saddle Co. and I was rather impressed so I gave them a call. On the phone I spoke to the owner and asked him a couple important questions: 1) Q: What sort of guarantee does my saddle come with? A: All of the trees used come with a 5 year guarantee against breakage while roping, but if the horse falls over then it's not covered. That's it? How do you prove that it broke while roping? Seems kinda sketchy. 2) Q: What sort of guarantee do you guys have on your craftsmanship? If I find any significant flaws can I return the saddle? A: No. Q: Wait, you don't guarantee your work? A: No. So now I'm asking you all. How does a company that seems to make a good product have these kinda answers to these questions? Has their quality dropped significantly from 1-2 yrs ago? Is this typical in the saddle making business? My girlfriend has a Corriente saddle, and she loves it, but that saddle was bought 5 yrs ago. The cost of the Corriente saddle at $700 shipped is at the max of my spending budget, but I don't know if I am just misunderstanding the man, or if I should really look elsewhere.