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  1. Dave, you do beautiful work. Do you allow amatuers like me to come by and look over your shoulder? I get through Titusvlle occaisionally.
  2. It seems to be a very good forum. I have larned a lot, in just a few days. Look forward to meeting some of the members. Are you in Fla.?
  3. WE likeall to think it is so hot in summer. Keeps SnowBirds away for a few months...... When you get back, give me a call/drop electron. Always enjoy meeting folks who do similar work. I learn a lot from others. I still have to work for a living(strange in S.W. Fla. I know), so don't get to conventions much. 1yr., 8 mo. 3weeks,3 days 7 hrs, 27 min., not that I am coounting...
  4. I played their music with my little local band, but did not get the money. I hear he is still around, poss. in S.W. Fla. Thanks, will do.
  5. Always good to know others are sweating it out in Fla. over leather/knife tables. I am down between Sarasota and Ft. Myers on the 'Best Coast'. Sam
  6. Not me. My father's family is from Nashville area. I get through Memphis occasionally. We stay downtown aross from the 'ducks'. Sam
  7. Just want to say hello. I have been working leather at various levels for 10-20 yrs. mostly as an addition to my knifemaking. My little business, "Art on the Cutting Edge", Usable Art, is starting to become more than a little hobby. With 1 yr. 9 mo. 2 days, 5 hrs. and 27 miniutes to go before retirement, I am looking at a combination of Knifemaking/leatherworking as a way of maintaining sanity/marriage when I finally retire. I find that the more I know about leather and knifemaking, the more I need to learn. Just got my first piece of horse hide(Trigger's Butt?) to try for sheaths. Looks good. Found there are other suppliers than Tandy(thru the Forum), and going from there. My job takes me to San Jose , Calif, L.A., San Fran., New York and many other areas around the USA. Enjoy meeting and talking to Leather /Metal workers when I travel. Do not have a web site yet, just: www.Photobucket.com/artonthecuttingedge show some of my work. Hope to get web site up and running before retireement. Just bought an old sewing machine. Now to learn to sew by machine. Is there a Magazine of Leatherwork??? Anyone in S.W. Fla., say hello. Sam
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