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  1. I’m making a tie down to match a head stall I made for a costumer and am trying to find the hardware the part that the strap clips to. I have seen two different types one is a one piece looks like two rings at 90 degree offsets. The other used a ring and two pins. Can anyone recommend a place to get them? Thanks Doug
  2. Looks cool what will you stuff the ball with?
  3. Thanks Guys Vhakra these are all for 1911's I still have one more to finish. Cogs the emblem is a combat medic badge it’s for a guy stationed in Georgia he saw the one I made for my son and ask for one. The color was kind of a mistake I started playing with my air brush, I was trying to get just a little black around the edge kind of a fade effect. Once I formed the holster and let the leather dry I put a top cote on it and oiled the inside that’s when the color changed.
  4. Started these on Sumday just have to wait for them to dry and give them a final top cote. Doug
  5. Thanks Mike yes it is machine stitched I purchased the machine last summer and have been trying to learn how to use it, this is the first large project I used it on. Normally I just kind of use it by hand turn the wheel real slow only using the motor to keep it moving. On this project I made a roller guide attachment and let the machine do more of the work, the guide helped but its still touchy work I really need to get a new servo motor that I can control the speed with.
  6. This is my first completed Sheridan style carving project and my first leather book. I think I should have chosen a simpler design to start with but I liked the horse design in one of the pattern packs I purchased from Chan Geer. If you ever had one of those days where one error led to another this is mine, I sat down to put the book together sanded the inside where the pad holder and document holder were to go, set it aside and put glue on the backside of each item, set them aside and grabbed the book its self put the glue on the places where I had sanded the finish off, waited awhile and placed the peaces together. I rubbed the edges and center down with my bone folder real good to make sure they were glued well, pated my self on the back for doing a good job turned the book over to place a weight on it to keep it compressed while the glue dried and realized I had glued the inside pieces upside down. I was able to pull the pieces apart add a layer of pig skin over the part I sanded and then reassemble the book. It's still a work in progress sorry for the poor pictures I had to use my cell phone. Thanks Doug
  7. I wonder if they finished it then used some kind of a resist maybe two or three cotes let that dry and came back and wiped it with acrylic paint the paint would stall in the low spots and would wipe off of the flat spots I have used this to fill in letters as lone as you let the resist dry good the paint will not stick you can wipe it of with a damp cloth. Doug
  8. Great job I really like the the colors and the tooling is awesome. Doug
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