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  1. Thank you so much Nuttish. I will post work in progress!!!
  2. Hi fellow Leather Workers!! I have a question. I am stumped on the type of lace patter/technique this belt is adorned with. I have looked through my Stohlman and Baird books thoroughly. I am not able to quite match it with any of the techniques and types listed. Any feedback, help, questions, directions will be so gratefully appreciated. This is a refurb project to be delivered by Christmas. Thank you for your guidance and help. -Justin L.
  3. Contact me, I can fabricate from scratch or drawings!
  4. Jock54 I know exactly what you want and can get the kits very easily readily available to me. And can carve, tool, color to any specifics given. PM me lets talk further.
  5. Very interested. Southern Gems Leather CO. Give me a shout, 352-454-5590. Email> Dillinjah3D@gmail.com
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