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  1. Oh forgot keep trolling on this thread lol may be,, I should start a twitter.and see how many people can follow the leader eh? Hee hee That was a really good one tossit, keep tossing!! OK you can carry on had my fun and you great!
  2. Tossik, my turn to follow you around, I can get bored and have nothing to do (ha ha) and smirak, and keepUp, thee, good LEatherworking, GRETTTTT, WORKE, I THINK I wi, l leather work just like yOU, LIKE I said you guys are priceless toss,it also great stuff keepUp the good work and stay busy great bunch these LEatherworking people here!
  3. HA IM BACK, YUP THIS THREAD IS PRICELESS, this is better than TV! Lots of characters!
  4. Hee hee I lied, that's to the last couple of posts I would tell you guys to find a hobby but I guess you both found one and it doesn't have anything to do with leather, wow how bored one must be to follow me around, smile smile happy face happy face lol! Oh yeah stopped being a "potential" customer priceless you guys are great I guess this will get locked now,let's see who's going to rush and make a post this is kinda fun now I see why this stuff happens "priceless"to the rest of the leather working community here thank you! And I'm sorry most have been great!
  5. This is the last time I will post people here have too much time get to leather working only responding to pms so go ahead and post who ever is lonely thanks for the input everybody a wealth of knowledge
  6. Anybody else want to kick tires or buy windows,I will say it again Classified section with buyer/seller feedback gets rid of all the window washing that's all I'm saying everyone has a cent and a half to put in this is not the place I think
  7. Stitching horse also available with the package and a granite slab 12x12
  8. To the Moderators, you should really model this section as a CLASSIFIED section with no posting allowed, and then have buyers/sellers feedback like ebay would keep thing much easier and keep track of both people to see good sellers good buyers to eliminate all this nonsense sorry for the rant
  9. Yes sorry I will leave it at that he has wasted alot of my time,anybody else wants it PM ONLY will be answered I'm not here as a serial forum poster or window shopper or seller thanks
  10. Are you kidding?I really don't understand at what price are you interested?I had all the info posted and you said you interested I ate half the shipping what else would you like?I will lower it to 500 plus your half of the shipping we have gone back and forth for what reason?art tell me what you think?
  11. Art if I can keep the shipping under 200 we will split it and I will do everything so this means you max 125 shipping sound good If it's anymore we can figure something out there is a alot of leather that's a lot of weight
  12. OK Art, at 550 I will split the shipping with you but no horse, this won't "kill" lol you won't get a better deal than that
  13. Shouldn't be too bad without the horse as long as I keep the packages small actually can do it in one box again without the horse, seems like you really want the stuff you inquired several times so I'm trying to help out
  14. I also have a small stitching horse for an extra 50 dollars if you want it but maybe pricey on shipping and by the way shipping is Way cheaper to the USA than province to province Or make it a round number 500 with the horse You pay shipping Sound good ?
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