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  1. If you are in the "neighborhood" you should drop by...it is worth it . The museum is inside of the store now, very clean and well organized . If you are into leather craving you'll love it ...it is a piece of leather history after all . I am not into carving but still found it interesting
  2. LOL...not a born and raised Canadian ...not a "hokey" guy either
  3. I like the nylon cutting boards but the marks left by the stitching irons tend to have raised edges. When you slide veg-tan on top of them they will leave marks . The puck still has a smooth surface after used .
  4. I just tried a hokey puck the other day . It is firm enough to give me a clean cut on the back of the lather but soft enough not to damage my stitching irons .
  5. As of yesterday ,the Mississauga store still had few Tokonole left in stock.... a bit over $13 . It looks like it's gonna be a regular stock item
  6. Nothing that i would sale right now...sorry
  7. Try the Eco-Flo Waterstain Slate Gray. Make sure you shake the bottle , work it in with a sponge , let it dry , buff it and apply some Golden mink oil. It's not a dye but you might get the result you are looking for
  8. Try Bradshaw steel rule dies . They are in Cambridge ON.
  9. LeatherLegion


    Extremely interested
  10. As far as i know there is no such thing as "oil tanned" . Oils are usually added after the tanning process and have nothing to do with the process itself . I am curious to hear other opinions
  11. Just got a bag of 6 of them yesterday from the Mississauga store
  12. Now that it warms up a bit , all those "water based" liquids should be back in stock
  13. They ship it through Purolator ... extra fees for flammables. You just have to place your order over the phone and they'll give you the details. The water base contact cement is probably the best next thing
  14. Tandy Canada carries the Tanner's Bond , and Barge , most of the store will have them in stock. As they are "flammable" the stores have to follow strict regulation as far as shipping goes
  15. The 18th century model has an imperial thread and was an ambidextrous design ...the one pictured looks more like the 17th century model when they were still using the metric thread and was design just for the right hand
  16. The only thing i noticed in that picture , was the tall guy's funny hat ..lol... Any chance you can figure out if the photographer was right or left handed ?
  17. Here is the same tool used to stich the sole on a boot...nice close up. It is just one stitch played over and over , but still mesmerizing
  18. I have a Nakajima 341 in good condition, never abused and it runs smother than the Cobra class 26 or the Techsew 2750 i had a chance to play with . I would go with the Juki even at $1600
  19. They sell Ritza thread...it seems that most of leather workers like it
  20. Try scissors ... it's the only way those stains will come off
  21. Mississauga location has 8-9 colors probably in stock . Give them a call for stock availability . Tandy carry Leather Machine Co (Cobra) thread
  22. These are great irons especially in this size ... sold my set last year and still regret it . A little bit out of my price range now. Good luck with the sale
  23. All those needles are round point. I was hoping to retire the the old 341 and just use the 4500 with smaller needles with an "S" or "LR " point .
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