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  1. Hi, Those pics were hosted on one of the serives and the had expired. I'll try to find them on my laptop and reload. Give me few days. Mat
  2. I used to use it for woterproofing and hardening leather. Dont do it anymore but it's fairly cheap and efective way of making leather sheath "bulletproof" It does however loose some of the features we love so much about leather. Mat
  3. Hi, been a while since I posted. Here is some of my recent projects Wallets Mat
  4. It's been a while. Some of my recent straps WWI design. And something brighter.
  5. First of all , thanks ! The top is wet formed for each watch. Its half way stitched to the strap. The other half is open leaving enough space to fit the watch. Chicago screw to close it. You should be able to see it in the last photo. Few more examples. Mat
  6. Thanks for your comments! This is very fun project to do. There are more on their way. Watch from the photo was only for photo :D All watches I make those straps for are open without the lid. Mat
  7. Been a while... Recently apart from knife pouches and sheats I've been making straps for pocket watches. It's my modification of WWI strap. Mat
  8. Finally got to make one. 30 mm wide. Makes a set with one of my ness sheaths. Mat
  9. Dark one done with vinegaroon. It gave nice blueish tone. First time I used it and im already in love. Mat
  10. Im brewing my roon as I.. type . One question for long time users who use it for knife sheaths (hope Chuck reads it ). Is there any way that vinegaroon might damage the steel? Should I take any additional precautions, ( eg. mentioned soda) or finnish it differently ? Mat
  11. @ Spinner - the knife was made by Polish maker Pawulon. He makes outstanding nives. I work with leather only @drphil - Yes it was hand stitched and to be honest I didnt have any problems at all. The ray is between 2 layers of 2mm leather, so you actually sew those two together. I gues the needle went between the "pearls" in ray, and that part is thin and soft. Mat.
  12. Wrist band with a tiny sheath for a tiny blade. Knife is not made yet so no pics :D Mat.
  13. My second go with a stingray. I'm really starting to like that fish
  14. Hi, Recently I ve been asked to "make exactly that sheath as mr X did but in black". Since I know that mr x can make more of those sheaths I replied that I can make something similar but different. My question Id like to ask you is how do you feel about "borrowing" designs and projects from other makers? Even if Im asked to make something in style of "someone" I try to add or change few details that would make the project different, mine. First thing that comes to my mind is, dont do it. Be creative. Find your own style. If someone came up with something, respect that. If a customer wants the same thing, he should go to the maker and ask for it. On the other hand, with so many leather workers, designs are bound to repeat themselves. Another thing is that there are icons in leatherworking, for sheath making for example Paul Long and Bob Loveless whose designs are vell known and you often hear "make me a P Long style sheath" and somehow it feels ok. Its like hearing that you want Victorian table in your kitchen. Im writing from sheathmaker point of view, but I gues it coresponds with other branches as well. Tell me what you think. Mat.
  15. My latest sheaths for 2 beautifull walnut nessmuk knives. Mat.
  16. This one was actually made by Polish maker 'Krug' I wanted small, sharp ness and thats what he came up with. Im wery happy with it, I use it for my leatherwork also. I made another sheath for this knife. Just for practice, new mats, dyes, tooling.
  17. That would be Tandy range tan, Tancote and leather balm. For this one, 6 h/in. Im using a round awl to make the holes. I used 1mm, nylon, braided, waxed thread. Dont really know the name, will ask my friend who sells them. Cheers Mat.
  18. This time different approach to Vick pouches. Mat.
  19. I made a small sheath for my new mini Ness. Mat
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