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  1. Slightly off topic of the thread but does anyone out there know where I may ppurchase John H. Beck Saddlemaking. First published in the mid fifties. Thanks
  2. Look to purchase a copy of John H. Becky's Saddle Making. Any information on anyone offering for sale would be appreciated.
  3. thinking about purchasing a copy of John Hopper's Saddlemaking as a reference. Comments, pros and cons. Anyone have a copy interested in selling it .
  4. Thanks, you're correct it was Bill Conway. Both real Gentlemen. I have to make an effort to find those tapes. If not I'll buy another set just for the help Ted offered me over the years.
  5. Thanks for the comments. I have decided to give the sharpen glove needles a go to see if they can help on the sheepskin side of the skirt. I grew up doing quite a bit of hand stitching on upholstered furniture so I am fairly adept at saddle stitching. [There's a great video by Nigel Armitage on YouTube if anyone is interested - definitely worth the time.] When I asked the question it was I realize hoping against hope there was a way I may have missed. Thanks again and if anyone has experience with the glove needles, I'd appreciate your time in making a comment.
  6. Looking for a more efficient way to stitch the sheepskin to the skirting.
  7. Not sure if anyone still reads this thread, but that said I'd like to add my thoughts to the general collection. From the perspective of someone who has built saddles, there is no doubt the Dale Harwoods is the most enjoyable to watch; he is a true master. I do not recommend this video as a starter. If you have not done a saddle to date or just getting started, Jeremiah Watt's saddle building is an absolute must have in your library. Mr. Watt's perspective and wit are top shelf. If you don't spend another dime buy this video. Second is Bruce Cheney - he will guide you through the process and enjoy the country music from the heart of Texas. Also Bruce has a YouTube series - worth watching. Bill Gomers videos are ok, I spoke with him a couple of times, a gentlemen. Ted Aldal and his friend, his name escapes me, produced a six (6) set video series. Lots of meandering but you get to know Ted and friend through the process. He passed a couple of years ago, not sure where they may be available. With respect to Dusty Johnsons I purchased them years ago, can't find them and have never bother to look for them after watching them once. The Traditional Cowboy Arts Association with Cary Schwartz are excellent, ground seat, swell, cantle binding & rigging - all worth the money.
  8. Has anyone utilized oxalic acid to finish edges? Looking for concentrations et cetera.
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