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  1. Dads pliable, soft as babies butt, buckskin mountain man suit has light mildew on it. How do I remove it? Would like to wear it soon.
  2. HI Folks I'm a newby here I have customers who want our furbearers stamped/carved on leather, from 3-6" in length. These include raccoon, beaver, otter, fox, bobcat, coyote, mink, etc Can anyone give me a source for patterns for small mammals? Thanx ole John---oldest rookie on here
  3. so, you don't moisten the leather prior to stamping? newby ? here, and I think I remember Dad wetting the leather first..........
  4. what about hanging in front of a blow dryer? Also, how wet does the leather need to be b4 stamping? I'm about to stamp some peoples initials into some 1/8" thick leather straps..... Soak a sponge and let it sit about a minute? sorry for hijacking this thread......
  5. 41mag

    Red Hair On Hide

    www.glacierwear.com has rabbit fur dyed like zebra, tiger, leopard, ocelot, etc and probably other colors as well hope this helps
  6. 41mag

    Animal Patterns?

    I need small animal patterns like fox, bobcat, etc.......not big game. Does anyone know of a source? Thanks John
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