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  1. She is a beauty. Love dogs and the coat and collar look good too!
  2. I favor the double loop. I can do it all day long. Looks great I like it on the croc. Looks classy too me.
  3. I want one. Your work is superb.
  4. Love the new website design!!

    1. chuckgaudette


      I like the update but I noticed that images in older posts are not showing up as they did before

    2. Halitech


      I'm sure they are working on that. Probably just a permissions issue on the directory where the old images are stored or they need to change the location. Either way, I'm sure they will fix it

  5. Love everything about, color, tooling. You did an excellent job.
  6. Very unique!! I like the red thread accent or is that a brown. Still like it
  7. Beautiful, I love all the colors, stands out but not over whelming. Great stitching too. You should be proud and it will bring a nice piece of change for the auction.
  8. What a great idea. You did good for 75 cents. It will serve you for a long time.
  9. I have the brass one. Got when I worked part time at Tandy many moons ago. I still use to this day. Nice and heavy.
  10. Very nice. I like your coloring you did. Very nice.
  11. Awesome, love the whole concept of it!
  12. I can spare 30 yards for you. Do you still have the cream available. PM me.
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