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  1. All the products in the pictures are all made by one person----------------- Me--------------------- I have been in the leather business for 49 years. I am now retired but I still make numerous items. The pictures are the products I made for the Pro Rodeo finals in Las Vegas this year. I still sell my products to stores in the Rocky Mountain area.
  2. If you have the phase converter wired to the clicker backwards the flywheel will turn the wrong direction thus causing the clicker to not work. Check the rotation of the flywheel. It should have a arrow on the flywheel to show correct direction.
  3. Best die and service for your money--------------- intdieco.com
  4. They are called twisted loop reins. They came in two or three loops. These reins were very popular in the 50's and 60's. They lost there popularity because people would open them up to put them on the bit and then couldn't get them back together.
  5. The sewing machines I have are: 1 Randall awl & needle machine with Servo motor 1 Randall awl & needle machine with clutch motor 1 Pearson # 6 sewing machine with Servo motor 1 Pearson #6 sewing machine / hand crank 1 Union lockstitch sewing machine 1 Chandler #305-64 cylinder arm sewing machine 1 Adler #205-374 cylinder arm sewing machine 1 Adler #105-64 cylinder arm sewing machine 1 Singer #17-23 cylinder arm sewing machine double roller foot 1 Landis 88A McKay sewing machine chain stitch All of the above sewing machines are in excellent condition and are used regularly
  6. I guess I would like to see also-----------Please add
  7. How much are you asking for your rein rounder attachment and needle plate? Do you have an estimate as to the shipping cost to USA?----------------------Thanks
  8. Has anyone used a Campbell-Randall RC 50 edge painter made in Italy? Will it paint around Spur Straps in the tight corners? Is it easy to clean up? Any advice would be helpful----Thanks
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