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    Leather, stained glass and bead work, Knitting on 100 year old sock machines, carving on wood and antlers. Making my own holsters and bags. Fruit and nut trees and deer hunting.... not in that order lol

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  1. Thank you everyone !!! I got a different 1245 than what i was originally looking at, almost no wear, and already has a servo, picking it up before the weekend !!!! WEEEEE I'm so excited !
  2. That's mainly what i was searching for, an opinion from someone who knew more than myself. My budget just won't allow for a new machine right now and these two machines are available, i'm only a hobby dabbler, making stuff for my family and myself most of the time and I just can't see the cost of new right now.... maybe in the future. Thanks so much!
  3. I need advice on which machine is the better choice, both are German made models. The 145 has a servo motor, the 1245 does not. Neither appear to be repainted and they both have about the same wear on the table. Both are right around the same price range which is at the top of my budget. I’m tired of looking and I cannot afford one of the new machines listed at the top of the page in the advertisements. I’m going to purchase one or the other of these two machines so if anyone has pros/cons for either of them it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. SusanC

    Complete shop for sale

    Can you tell me more about your consew, I’m looking for something that will sew heavier leather, holsters mostly. Thanks
  5. I'm just trying to get some ideas for a seat for myself, but I would also like to be able to make my own tank bag .... being female I can't carry everything I need in my pockets I looked at several of the mass produced tank bags today and I wasn't really impressed..... I'm the type of person that feels a need to be different.... or should I say distinctive from everyone else. Most of the bags are black.... my bike is black (right now anyway) and that's too boring for me, not to mention, not visible enough. Add color and reflective materials here. I took my seat off today, very cheaply made and it's only stapled to plastic, my leather seats are riveted, even the one that had a plastic seat pan.... I'm sure it will be a trial and error process .... It would be even nicer if I could find a spare seat to practice on.... off to the motorcycle forums to plead for someone's old seat
  6. I've done searches everywhere... including here... I have made a couple of harley seats but I sold my harley a couple of years ago. Now I've got a sport bike and wanted to make a distinctive seat but am lacking in imagination and wanted to get some ideas... but there are none
  7. I know that most of the leather items made for bikes on Leatherworker are for cruiser style bikes. Just curious if anyone on here is making items for sport bikes? Hopefully it's not a taboo subject, but I know sport bikes riders also use saddlebags and some have tank bags and I'm sure they need seats .... so, comments anybody ???
  8. Love the seat, great work as usual ! Susan
  9. I wanted to add to my last post, the shock that you see in the picture does look like there is something wrong with it, but when you stand beside the bike it looks normal, I'm not sure what the deal is with that, we have checked it several times and have found nothing wrong. The swing arm is factory length also, we have had the whole back end off the bike (and now have another bike to compare to). I would say that possibly it looks different because it is a chrome swing arm but quite a few bikes have these now, possibly I need to take some more pictures to compare with, a few things look sort of distorted in that picture. I don't know, this is a learning process, and since I haven't had a bike for many years it may be a good refresher to have to figure out all this stuff. It makes it a bit easier that the weather is totally horrible, it would be a bite to be missing some nice riding weather figuring out all this stuff. Thanks everyone, enjoying all the ideas!
  10. The problem is the rear struts, they are incorrect for the bike, still looking for a good used set but may have to purchase new. Otherwise the shocks are the correct length. Have been doing some work to the old girl and hopefully will have a new and improved picture soon. SusanC
  11. You know, it does look kinda weird, I'm going to go out and take a look at it. I don't remember seeing that before.
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