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  1. Thank you ever so much! Thank you! That Seiko manual was exactly what I was hoping for. :-D With a bit of luck, and a lot of oil, I hope to be sewing this evening.
  2. Certainly I could talk with the dealer, and will, if this proves fruitless. That said, no, it is not the oil pan. It *appears* to be a flywheel and belt enclosing housing that somehow encompasses the bobbin winder, as well. The distinct lack of instructions, or pre-drilled holes, has led me to inquire, herein. As to "what I bought," am I incorrect is assuming that when one buys a full-setup system, not just the head, that the package and parts from Consew is standard for this model? Photo-wise: The first is the bobbin winder I'm not certain how to install, with what I think may be a housing for the servo? The second is the aforementioned cork-lined metal piece and curved springs with copper wire, no idea at their purpose. And, the third, is the housing in question. Suggestions?
  3. So, I bought a Consew 206RB-5, and I'm excited to get started. Table showed up preassembled, servo motor looks cool, whole thing seems neat...but, hey, anyone know how to set this thing up? I've read a ton of posts here, and elsewhere, watched near endless videos on Youtube, so, of course, now I know how to assemble the table that came preassembled, and how to thread the machine 80 different ways. Thing is, none of that is how to take the machine from cool parts in a box to actual, working machine. How do I install the bobbin winder? I need to drill new holes? There's a sheet metal housing that, I think, covers the belt, is that so? What are these curved springs with copper wire in them for? Or this wee metal piece lined with cork? Generally, what is all this unexplained crap, and what do I do with it all? And, of course, why is the instruction manual slightly less useful than a screen door on a submarine? I'll take my answers off the air, thank you!
  4. Right, yes, I know 277 is too heavy for a 2700...that's why it's in my Tippmann. I'm looking to keep using that for the heavy stuff, hand-seing for my specialty items, and a new machine for the lighter stuff I'm also (still) hand-sewing. Also...almost all the "business financing" I'm seeing is through a company called QuickSpark Financial...can anyone speak to their experiences with them?
  5. I'll try to keep this short (ish), Artisan, Techsew, Consew, Cowboy, Cobra...all seem to make lovely machines, all seem to be lovely people. How does one choose which brand to purchase/work with over another? I've narrowed it to the Techsew 2700 (for my next purchase), but each of these companies seem to offer something similar enough that I'm finding it nearly impossible to make a decision amongst them. No, I don't know my thread/needle weights, if that'd help. I've done everything 'til now either handsewing, or with a Tippmann Boss set up with 277 thread. I'll keep handsewing my fully period jacks, flacket/costrel/bombards, thanks. But I tire of handsewing 2-7 oz leathers for bags, wallets, and sundry other accessories. How do I choose which company to purchase from? Thanks!
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