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    Learning new things, staying healthy, reading fantasy novels. Also, I write stories that I will one day attempt to get published.

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  1. LeatherneckMarine89

    Mouse Pad Do's And Don'ts?

    Oh, alright. I understand what you're saying, so it is more of an advanced project than I originally thought. Well if you do want to help I would welcome it but I will not be back in the states for some time so we will have to take a raincheck for a much later date
  2. LeatherneckMarine89

    Mouse Pad Do's And Don'ts?

    Very nice mouse pad!! It seems like a simple enough design. Being in the networking business I spend a lot of time behind a computer and a snazzy little mouse pad would make my co-workers a little green Seeing as I'm a beginner leatherworker this should be a good starter project. *Noted*
  3. LeatherneckMarine89

    Wanted: Apprenticeship

    I've been looking for a leatherworker near Camp Lejeune, NC for some time now. I figured I'd inquire here as well to see if anyone was near my location, I will be back in the area around September.
  4. LeatherneckMarine89

    Oorah Fellow Leathernecks

    Well, its pretty much the same still. Strip clubs are pretty common, bars as well. They're on every corner, being as I don't drink it kinda gets old. That's awesome though, I'm sure the Marines greatly appreciate a new knife, we don't really get issued "quality" gear much. Its usually hand-me-downs from the Army. Keeping my head just below the berm, -Joey
  5. LeatherneckMarine89

    Memorial Day Vent

    I'm sorry for you bad experience and I really feel for all the vets there. I have done a few color guard ceremonies and they give me goosebumps still.
  6. LeatherneckMarine89

    Oorah Fellow Leathernecks

    Recon huh? Pretty cool, I'm an 0651...not quite as cool but equally usefull when I get out in a year and a half. I would have liked to bring my things with me out here to continue to practice leatherworking but they are very, very strict when it comes to transporting blades out here. Even though two seconds after I got off the plane some guy comes up and hands me a 7in kabar lol Camp Lejeune is my current station back in the rear. I live right outside the gate in Jacksonville.
  7. LeatherneckMarine89

    Class In Southwest Virginia

    Gah! A class that is near enough to me that I could attend! Do you frequently teach in this location? I will be back in the area in September.
  8. LeatherneckMarine89

    Oorah Fellow Leathernecks

    Thank you, sir. I've only been on this site for a few days and I can already tell there is a tight net group of experienced, willing members. I'm sure I will learn all I'd ever need to know here.
  9. LeatherneckMarine89

    Profile Pictures

    Also, if you do click the picture and you still want it bigger you could try this: Hold the Ctrl button and spin the wheel on your mouse forward, this will allow you to zoom the picture in and out and, depending on the quality of the photo, it will let you see smaller details. -Joey
  10. LeatherneckMarine89

    Oorah Fellow Leathernecks

    Looks like we're communicating through two different threads, haha. Well, I just might get the chance to come to those classes. I am trying to get PCS orders to Quantico, VA. Being a Data Marine and the fact that MCNOSC (Marine Corps Network Operations and Security Command) is located up there, it is like heaven for my MOS in terms of gaining experience. I will definitely inform you ahead of time if I'm fortunate enough to make it up there. Semper Fi!!
  11. LeatherneckMarine89

    Memorial Day Vent

    Well, thank you for all your appreciation but I have to say that it's you that should be thanked. My great-grandfather recieved a purple heart in Vietnam and has been my hero my whole life, people forget too easily about how difficult things were then. This deployment has been nothing but a political battle, the Marines these days take too many luxuries for granted. So, my cover is off to you, Sergeant. -Joey
  12. LeatherneckMarine89

    Memorial Day Vent

    Being a 3rd generation Marine I completely agree with this. I have been to quite a few ceremonies, although I'm sure you have been to much more. Some are just breath-taking and make me so proud of my decision to follow in these fallen hero's footsteps, while others leave me disappointed and wondering if people truly appreciate the sacrifices that many men and women made in the past. Take it with a grain of salt, pretty much the only thing that can be done now....
  13. Anyone in NC area willing to take on a part time apprentice in the evenings?

    1. CitizenKate


      Check with Zack White in Ramsuer.


  14. LeatherneckMarine89

    Oorah Fellow Leathernecks

    Hello fellow leatherworkers, My name is Joey, I'm a 21 year old Sgt in the United States Marine Corps. My job in the Corps is Data Network Technician, basically meaning I make the internet work I have been working with leather since I was 18 when my great-grandfather passed away and I inherited his collection of tools. I haven't had much time to practice the trade since I lived in the barracks until about a year ago when I got married. Sadly, 6 months after my wife moved down and we got our own place I got deployed to Afghanistan, where I currently reside. I found this site through google and decided that since I can't practice anymore I might as well educate myself a little and learn some new tips/tricks for my return in September. I believe that I will be a frequent visitor of this site even after I get home. I haven't had too many completed projects besides a braided belt and a wallet I made for Father's day. I apologize in advance but I am self taught for the most part and I tend to ask A LOT of questions. I will be reading all the how to guides and studying up on some techniques that people have developed of course. May your next project go smoothly, -Joey