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  1. c2369zulu

    Alaska Rig

    Very nice work! Curious where you located the attachment point hardware. I have found similar in plastic before but not metal.
  2. Stellar work right there! Fantastic!
  3. Haven't posted in a while, but here are a few projects from this year so far. Items are pretty self explanatory. I did not make the knife sheath for the Winkler Knife with tribal handle design, but made the attachment sheath for the Winkler Flat Head tool for that sheath. These were all designed in Lightburn, laser cut and hand stitched with Ritza Tiger Thread. Various leathers include chestnut and english tan bridle, hair-on cowhide, shark skin and sedona earth pull-up leather.
  4. That’s was who I was thinking. Him or Becky. I see their posts on the Tracker Knife group page on FB…..
  5. Very well could be that the laser head is still just a tad far away. I’ll continue to play with it.
  6. Thank you! Yes, the clip is ambidextrous. Ulti-Clip. Got mine from Amazon IIRC. Thank you!
  7. Thanks so much! Yes, I agree 100% with you on cutting out patterns and stitching holes now (when the settings are right, lol). At first I did not really like the larger stitch holes, but they are growing on me, and make stitching so much easier. Still a lot of challenges to deal with like the singed edges, smell and soot getting on stitching thread, but I'll still take it...... The clip is an Ulti-Clip Slim 3.3....
  8. Thanks so much! The xTool laser is helping me a lot lately on symmetry, stitching holes, etc.
  9. Nice work! I think I know the knife maker from another group. Both are quite nice.
  10. A little laser cut project I recently completed for one of my EDC knives. It is really tight even after wet mold, so I will likely go back and adjust the throat a little.....
  11. Thanks so much! To clarify, I paid drop price for these pry bars at $80 a piece over the last year or so, lol. Still quite expensive for a small pry bar. It’s the brand name that makes them expensive. Former Navy Seal owned company, and they make pretty awesome stuff. I am more of a collector than user honestly… Lol… That’s a cool one!
  12. Hello all. I recently noticed that when I cut out 9-10 Ounce Leather, I will set my xTool D1 Pro 20Watt machine to around 4.5 on the focus side and use the little kickstand gauge as well to get correct focal height, etc. I typicall run the machine on mm/m settings and set to 700mm/m at 100% intensity for 2-3 passes. Most of the time, the laser has burned all the way through. When I do the same steps for 6-7 ounce veg tanned, the first pass seems to really burn the around the line and it takes 5-6 passes , and still sometimes does not cut through all the way. I do use the xTool air assist also. I was thinking that maybe it is just a denser fibered leather and thats why. Anyone else had this issue before?
  13. I can't say it, but they are in fact for pr__ng, lol. Just an EDC pry bar. A bit of overkill to have this kind of sheath, but I like making stuff for EDC tools.
  14. Thank you! Thank you. The second one is in Fiebings Dark Chocolate Professional Oil Dye. Thread is Ritza Tiger Thread in Havanna Brown. Thanks Man!
  15. Couple of scout carry EDC sheaths completed for Half Face Blades mini pry bars.
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