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  1. Ok, I'll adjust the plates so they are not so deep into the straps. Good thing the rivets are loosely in place and not "set" with a burr. I appreciate the advice! Rich
  2. I am working on building my first saddle. I am following Stohlman's encyclopedias and I'm working on making the "Stohlman Fender Gauge". Please take a look at the pictures of how far the posts on the blevins buckle sticks out. It just doesn't seem like there is enough post left to protrude into the stirrup leathers. Not sure what I am doing wrong? Thanks for looking, Rich
  3. I'm sure impressed with your first saddle. I am hoping to start my first saddle soon. I have been studying the Stohlman encylopedias. Where did you source your saddle tree? Did you order the tree with your custom measurements or use a "stock" tree from the maker? Thanks much, Rich
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