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  1. Thank you:) We actually just finished a more sculptural project (the big chair frame is still standing ominously in our workshop). It is a (relatively) giant goldfish that my husband designed (and formed and stitched), I did the dyeing and painting part.
  2. Hi everyone, We have a Cobra Class 4 with the premium package and Electronic Positioning System that we are offering for sale. It has less than 40 hours of use (possibly less than 20) with many accessories that have not been used (including the unused table attachment and multiple rolls of thread). We purchased the machine in May of 2012, though have only used it minimally. As it turns out, many of the items that we currenly make either do not utilze stiching at all or utilize only hand-sewing (our website is www.fourrobins.com if you would like to see what we are currently selling). The original total purchase price was $2,850 (plus freight). I have a list of the accessories below as well as a number of photographs. The table attachment is still in bubble wrap and is not included in the photos, though I can provide one if you would like. We are located around 25 miles North of Pittsburgh, Pa, and would like prefer pickup, if possible (the freight on delivery to us was around $300.00 - I do not have a lot of experience with using this type of service). Please let me know if you have any questions or I can provide you with any additional info. Nicole Full Details: Cobra Class 4 Electronic Positioning System (approx $350 option) that allows the needle to stop up, or down, 90 degrees corners, back tack, and remove your work without having to touch the handwheel. (includes Needle position motor, Electronic synchronizer and power handwheel) Heavy Duty 16.5" Cylinder Arm Sewing Machine with Drive Unit Pedestal stand with Wheels Table Top 28 LED Superbeam Lamp 2 Spool Thread Stand Digital D.C. Servo Motor Heavy Duty SR2 Speed Reducer Drawer, Belt, all accessories and manuals and DVD We also have multiple needles (though the packages are not full) and 4 nearly full rolls (1 unopened) of Weaver Nylon Pro Bond thread. The unopened roll is Black 277. The other rolls are 207 white, 207 black, and 207 henna. The accessories and additional feet, etc. are in photo #4.
  3. I just found a new chair - it is somehow so much bigger now that it is in my house - this one may take a while! A lot of the fun as well as some of the frustration is find interesting chairs that will work. As for the photos, we are lucky to have a really great park with an old mansion on the grounds with some nice, mossy stairs!
  4. Thanks everyone!! Here is a close-up of the far-right chair (koi) and a back view on the middle chair. It was a fun/challenging series of projects.
  5. I haven't posted here before, but have been a lurker for a while. I just love all of the great advice and seeing everyone's amazing work. Here is an antique chair that my husband and I re-designed.
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