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  1. Belting my brains in, the measurement stuff just kills me. lol

    1. Sylvia


      I hear you... I love it when I have a measurement that forces me to do metric rather than English

  2. Believe it or not I was taught to use laquer thinner to deglaze. But thats when you want to take the glaze off so that you can Glue that side to another piece of leather. Put a small amount on a rag and rub gently, test this first on a small area. Don't pour thinner directly on as it will soak thru and destroy the color.
  3. Rhonda

    Shoot I says your already on my friends list sorry about that. Anyway how are ya? lol

  4. Rhonda

    I was nosin' around members area, looked for peeps in LA, I'm in Slidell. Name is Rhonda nice to meet ya

  5. I'm lost can't find where to change my contact info. Goofy me I guess, one area says I am in Slidell, LA which is where I am. Then is says Afganistan. Can you fix this? I live the USA!!! Name: Rhonda UserName: Rhonda IP Address: Email Address: racyleathercraft@aol.com
  6. How do I make my pics not show in the gallery?

    1. Johanna


      Let me know what needs done.

  7. Rhonda


    4/5oz vege tanned cowhide, mission grain pigskin for the liner, there is a piece of styrofoam packing material in between the leathers, (keeps drinks colder a little longer. 1/8" prolace. Paints and Dyes, I use a variety, Fiebings, Tandy Pro Dyes, etc. Paints are different craft paints, I like the Createx colors alot, as they can be sprayed or brushed on. Dyes are airbrushed, paints are done by hand.
  8. Rhonda


    Uh these are so great, love em, excellent job
  9. Rhonda


    Banshees is carved in Old English letters. The pic carved is the Banshee dude on his motorcycle in a cloud of smoke. It's a copy of the Club Patch.
  10. My Carving needs lots of practice.
  11. The black looks like it's just a stencil and can of spray paint. No depth or texture, to make it come alive.
  12. Thanks for the very nice comment! Your profile made me laugh. I have a leather crafting buddy that also broke his wrist. He duct taped his mallet to his wrist so he could work. Best regards,


  13. Gorgeous, Love It!! Great Job.
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