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  1. Moonshiner

    rivet machine with auto feed hopper

    Thanks everyone just got one
  2. I do have a simpson 489  auto feed approximate size

    0 eyelet. Price $125 plus shipping.  I'm in Fl. until may,

    Then Colo.

    1. Moonshiner


      Okay i may get with you . here my email if you can send some pic of it

    2. ljk
    3. ljk


      Hi  The feed drum works.  The eyelets are about size 0.  The feed rails probably

      need to be removed, adjusted for depth depending on length.  tx Lynn

  3. Moonshiner

    Johnson Riveting Press Machine with Auto feeding Hopper 

    is this available or has it sold
  4. I need a rivet machine to use make dog collars i ues 104 rivet one like this one