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  1. How do yall really deep clean a saddle? Then what do you use to re-oil?
  2. This may be a dumb question but would a hand operated press work for single cuts?
  3. I tried to download the video from Tippman but it didn't work. I am ignorant about how the dies work, do they punch from top and bottom? Where can you get die's made? Are they expensive? Sorry to ask so much, this is just a great place for info. Hopefully I can be of help sometime. Thanks
  4. I'm mainly doing repair work and making bridles and such. I need to become more familiar with what a machine such as that is capable of I guess.
  5. I am thinking of purchasing a Tipman clicker. What all will this be capable of doing and do any of you reccommend it?
  6. i have a client wanting some 7 foot bridle reins made from leather. I figure a nylon cord core and braid around that. I'm wondering about the length of the leather and how to splice pieces together for that long a braid? 4 piece braid maybe?
  7. Thanks, I have a Stolhman round knife and by golly I'm commited to learning to use it. Is the Stolhman knife a good one or should I look for one of the others you mentioned on e-bay. It was pretty sharp when I got it but I've managed to dull it pretty quick. I probably should take it and have a professional sharpen it and tell me how to keep it sharp. That's some really good advice on cutting the patterns larger and all. I appreciate the answers. Thank you.
  8. I'm realitivly new at leather work and have a tipman boss sewing machine and pretty fair supply of leather working tools. I purchased the Stohlman encyclopidia of saddle making and have one decent 1st time saddle under my belt. I have trained horses for years and look to get into a safer realm of the business. Does anyone have any advice on cutting patterns out. I have not mastered the round knife and use a razor knife for cutouts. This is a great board and lots of good advice and beautiful work is shown here. Thanks a lot.
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