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  1. Can't type in the dark anymore..Gotta hit the hay...Am beading an angry bird for my grandsons backpack..Hopefully to be done tomorrow. willtake pics..Night all..Love you MB *sista*

  2. I am re listing my BOSS Stitcher. I had some calls last time but no one came back with an offer. This is the old cast iron body with several accessories. The Accessories are center foot, 4 extra bobbins , roller guide and stirrup plate. All the accessories would cost $254 new. A new BOSS machine sells for $1500 new and is an aluminum body. I also have the manual and will throw in a few spools of thread. I am asking for $1100 or best offer. If you need more info or pics you contact me at 406-650-6346 or email crystalalbanese@hotmail.com or leave a message on the board. If you are not Local for pick up (central Ohio area) you pay shipping and crating plus insurance. Thanks for looking, Vince PS. If I get no responses fairly soon I will list this on Ebay and/or Craigs List.
  3. I'm selling a Landis 5 in One as is. Everything works. Could use some new cutter blades and it needs a little cleaning. I'm not going to mess with it. This is a good working machine. Would like to get $600 or best offer. You pay shipping. If interested please call me at 406-650-6346. or Email me at crystalalbanese@hotmail.com...Or you can leave a message on the board and I will get back to you. Also if you have any questions or need more pictures, please let me know.
  4. I am selling my BOSS Stitcher so I can put the money towards a new sewing machine (electric). It's the cast iron model and doesn't have alot of miles on it. A new aluminum BOSS sells for $1,500.00. I am selling mine for $1,200.00 OBO plus shipping. All the extras go with it and they are center foot ($37 new) , bobbins (4, $5 each,new) , roller guide ($120 new), and stirrup plate ($75 new) . Also comes with the manual, the tool box and several extra needles. Leave message on board or email me at crystalalbanese@hotmail.com or call 406-650-6346. Serious inquires please. Thanks, Vince PS..Will send pics on request
  5. Thanks for the reply's, that`s kinda the way I was thinking. Just wanted some opinions as these are costly videos.
  6. If you could only buy one video, what one would you get? Probably Jeremiah Watt`s or Dale Harwood`s. Or if you think another I would like to know what you think. Tanks Vince
  7. just the plain one. the rest are wood(border stamped tooled and ruffout) Vince
  8. 213 views and still no comments. I`m depressed.
  9. 139 looks and not one comment, is my work that bad??? If so tell me I can take it.Honest I can take it.
  10. Is my work that bad that no one has any comments??? You can say it ,I can take it. Vince
  11. No it`s not an applique, it is what the jacket is put together with. I have always called it a crossover stitch but I`m not sure if that is correct. It can be found in most all of the braiding books. when I get a chance I will look at mine and list a few. I know that it is in Bruce Grants books. Thanks for the comments,I`m glad you like like it. Vince
  12. I am new here. Please let me know what you think of my work. Be HONEST I can take it. Thanks for looking. Vince
  13. This all for now.. The cabin is my home on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation.Please let me know what you think of our work. thanks for looking. Vince
  14. I don`t know how many pics I should put on one post so here are some more. The gold bead work is my wife's work. The blue is my daughter again,she did her own bead work. Thanks Vince
  15. These are a few more pieces of my work and some added bead work from my wife and daughter. Thanks for looking Vince P.S. that is my daughter in the blue beaded dress.
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