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  1. Count me in! I can always use new patterns and ideas. Thank you for your generosity. Count me in! I can always use new patterns and ideas. Thank you for your generosity.
  2. Im general what weight do you use for your leather? I have a project to recover a seat with good leather and I wanted to get it right.
  3. I know technically this should go into the motorcycle section, but here it is anyway. I am doing my first seat for a fellow, and all he really needs is a cover replacement. Can I use the same base that the current seat is on? (he said the whole things comes off.) Can I just take the old torn cover off of the padding and make a new cover while keeping the padding and the base it sits on? I was hoping to tool some nice designs into it also.
  4. So I work part time at a used book store and we have many beautiful books bound in italian leather, on one of them the spine is starting to dry out. what should I use to restore it?
  5. I've seen tom's work and I greatly admire it, I would like to make it myself, I just have trouble with 3D patterns. The pictures are useful though.
  6. I got an attache case from bighousedaddy.com
  7. I am also interested! Thank you for being so generous. I would also be interested in the steampunk stuff.
  8. O would love a set! Dagazlxl@gmail.com
  9. So I want to surprise my husband for his birthday with a full facial plague doctor mask but I'm struggling to get the pattern to come together right. Does anyone have any tips, suggestions, or maybe even a pattern that I could use?
  10. Has anybody used these new pro series stamps from tandy? What is the prevailing opinion? Are they worth getting or not?
  11. I'm getting Married!!!!!!

    1. Sylvia


      Wow! Congratulations!!

  12. So I'm not really sure if this is allowed to be posted. I know the book is really old so it is probably in the public domain by now, but it seems like kinda a rarer book, though I'm even unsure of that. My link
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking to make a leather cloak lined with reindeer fur. I will be using a full hide from waterhouse leather so that there will be no back seam and there will be a hood. My question is, how do I do the lining? also if I wanted to make the lining detachable so that I can take it out how would I do that?
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