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  1. Jeff your patterns are Awesome, My customer loved it , thanks
  2. I emailed it to you Jeff, I'm to stupid to shrink it myself
  3. it was a picture of a JLS pattern holster taken with a I Phone
  4. Anyone know why I cant upload photos? it tells me I'm only allowed to upload 1.46mb ?
  5. Thanks for the kind word's guys . This was my first cowboy style holster and belt rig I do mostly concealed carry holsters . It was a a lot of stitching but I learned a lot from this project . Sooper Jake , I was kinda thinking the ammo loops would look good not burnished . Or maybe I just got lazy .
  6. I would like to thank everyone for the inspiration / helpful hint's I have receivied . I have been a member for a year or two and this is my first post . LET ME HAVE IT GOOD OR BAD . The gun rig is two layers of 5-6 oz drum dyed from RJF. I do not have a machine so it's all hand stitched .
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