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  1. I've been buying his products for years have always had good luck with them.
  2. In anyone's experience have you eve found a green jell like substance usually between leather and conchas or if conchas screwed to the saddle in the hole or large clumps in the whole and under the leather conchas. I have encountered it on several saddles some worse tan others. I have tried cleaning with vinegar, anti mold solution, brass brushes. It seems to always come back. I'm restoring a saddle right now that has had it repeat 3 times in 5 years. This time was the worst.Any help or direction would be of great help Thanks Mike
  3. I just acquired a Chandler Fringing machine. I am looking for parts to convert it to a pinking machine as well as a manual and spare parts. Anyone have one of these? Mike
  4. leather work benches

  5. leather work benches

    1. Fredo


      can't beat a solid core door

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