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  1. WinterBear, Great tips! I will for sure for sure take your advice into action!!
  2. Thanks King's x, I'll keep scanning the forum!
  3. Hello All, As my username implies I'm young, only just turning 20, many of the members on this forum have been working with leather longer than I have been alive!! With just my tinkering with leather, reading various books, and the aid of this great great website, which I will soon be a contributing member because it is soooo great, have learned quite a bit about leather craft. I want to learn so much more though and I'm having a hard time finding learning opportunities in the area. I have even e-mailed the maine.gov official about leather apprenticeship opportunities, but she couldn't help me on the matter. Also my nearest Tandy store is hundreds of miles away so that isn't really a realistic option to take any classes there. Leather work is such a great craft and skill I really want to keep it alive within my generation, so I was hoping my fellow Mainers on the forum, or anybody, might have some ideas of where I could go to further hone my skills? Any suggestions and ideas are welcome! -Casey
  4. Still Pretty new to leather crafting, my buddy wanted me to make him a a guitar strap; this is my first attempt!
  5. I'm currently dabbling in belt stamping myself, this was a great tutorial, as well as a very nice design. I will keep my eye out for any more tutorials you might post in the future!!
  6. Thanks everybody for the tips!! Even the smallest tip can go a long way!
  7. Hi All, So, I am very new to leather crafting, and with most new comers the fist big hurdle for me has been to hone the skills for using my swivel knife. I have been playing around with different moisture of my leather and buffing and sharpening my blade. But I still can't seem to get my desired look. some of the things that I was hoping to get some help with were: ways to help me keep the knife perpendicular, types of blades people use, what people do to sharpen their blade, best moister content of the leather for the knife. Any of other tips are more than welcome!!
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