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  1. After a long layoff, I was asked to make a pair of chaps for a friend. It was my first attempt at chaps and the friend (who wears them every day) is very happy with them.
  2. Positive. There's a big brass plate on the front with the model number on it. It's an old "glover" that was used in a leather shop for years.
  3. I don't think so. There's a mount for a bobbin winder, but I don't think a motor would fit there. The only other motorized Model 15 I've seen has the motor mounted under the table-top.
  4. I just got an old, treadle powered SInger 15-36. It looks like it will do a good job on projects too small for my Cobra Class 4. But, I'd like to add a motor to it and eliminate the treadle. Has anyone done it? What do you recommend for motor? Are there conversion kits?
  5. Sadly, I learned this week that Paula was the victim of a horse accident a few days ago. She was killed mounting her horse: http://www.therepublic.com/view/story/04be53e821834113835c532fe4245733/NV--Obit-Paula-Wright I'm not sure now who to contact about the show.
  6. Sorry. I thought I had done that when I posted. The dates are July 20 & 21, 2012......
  7. This show will be held at the Elko Convention Center in Elko, Nevada. I'm registering to attend the leather carving/design class but there are three concurrent workshops: Rawhide Braiding Workshop (Charlie Liesen & Grant Groves) Leather Stamping Workshop (Gordon Andrus) Silver Engraving Workshop (Dave Alderson) I love Gordon's work (see the Shop Talk, April 2011 article) and am excited to attend his workshop. Don't know anything about the other workshop leaders, but this show seems to attract top caliber instructors. The show is sponsored by JM Capriola and you can reach Paula Wright at (775) 738-4091 or (800) 248-3556. Bob Marsh Carmel Valley, CA
  8. I just got my Cobra Class 4 and am struggling to figure out the tensioning combinations. I have played around enough to get a good looking stitch on a single layer of 8/9 oz. but then, when I change anything (e.g. going to two layers, switching to a firmer leather of the same thickness), the stitch is horrible. Is there a tutorial on setting stitch tension on the CC4 somewhere?
  9. I've been using 138 bonded poly which, I think, is the max that the largest needle for the 201 (sz. 22) will take. It does a nice job up to about two layers of chap leather:
  10. Thanks, Kevin. I suspected that, but an old saddle maker in the area said it looked wrong.
  11. I bought a refurbished Singer 201 for light leather projects and it seems to work beautifully. But, the leather needles I got (Organ, 15x2, 140/22) seem to leave a hole that is slightly at an angle to the line of stitching. I've checked several times to make sure that I have the flat side of the needle top facing left. Is this the way the needle is designed? or, am I doing something wrong?
  12. Bruce, this post is fairly old. Are the tools not listed as sold still for sale? I live near Monterey and was thinking of driving out to see what you have.
  13. Let me think about it and see exactly how much I need to spend on a compressor.
  14. Well, I don't have a compressor so, at $1,400 for the Aero + $250 for a compressor I'm wondering why I shouldn't just get an electric sewing machine such as the Techsew GA5-R ($1295). Any suggestions? Bob
  15. Have you sold the unit yet? I'm in Northern California.
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